Mary’s System Review- Is It Legit or a Scam?

In the ever-evolving world of online business opportunities, it’s crucial to be cautious and discerning when presented with claims of quick and effortless wealth. Mary’s System is just one example of the many scams that have circulated for over a decade, promising users the chance to earn $1,000 or more in a day with minimal effort. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that Mary’s System is nothing more than a deceptive scheme designed to exploit unsuspecting individuals. In this article, we will explore the red flags associated with Mary’s System and other similar scams, as well as provide recommendations for legitimate passive income businesses in 2023.

Red Flags of Mary’s System

  1. Talking in circles: The introductory video for Mary’s System is a prolonged sales pitch filled with empty promises and vague claims. The speaker, “Mary,” continuously asks viewers to pay attention for a few minutes but fails to provide any substantial information about how the system actually works. This lack of transparency is a major red flag.
  2. Zero experience required: Mary’s System explicitly targets individuals with no sales experience or knowledge of e-commerce. This indicates that the program preys on those who are vulnerable and less likely to question the legitimacy of the opportunity. A legitimate business opportunity should value the skills and expertise of its partners.
  3. Fake scarcity: Mary claims that the offer is only available for a limited time and that there are only a few slots left. However, upon closer examination, it becomes apparent that this is a false sense of urgency created to pressure individuals into making hasty decisions. The video itself is not updated, and the constant notifications of people joining the program are fabricated.
  4. Legal disclaimer: A visit to the Terms & Conditions page reveals a legal disclaimer stating that the individuals featured in the video are paid actors. This lack of transparency raises further doubts about the credibility of Mary’s System. In the past, sites and programs connected to this program have been shut down due to the absence of privacy policy pages and legal disclaimers.
  5. Fake testimonials from hired actors: The testimonials featured in the Mary’s System video can be traced back to actors available for hire on platforms like Fiverr. This clear manipulation of information should serve as a warning sign to potential victims. The program relies on false hype to lure individuals into its web of deception.

TurnKey Ecommerce: What You Need to Know

Amidst the smoke and mirrors of Mary’s System, one piece of useful information is provided: the concept of turnkey ecommerce. This refers to the process of purchasing an existing online business that is already equipped with automation, products, and marketing strategies. While turnkey ecommerce can hold the potential for generating passive income, it is crucial to understand the risks and drawbacks associated with this business model.

Buying an established ecommerce business can be risky, just like starting one from scratch. Proper research, gathering of relevant information, and acquiring the necessary skills are essential steps to take before diving into this venture. If you are considering purchasing a turnkey ecommerce business, it is advisable to consult online guides and resources that provide insights into this process.

Identifying Scams: 5 Details to Watch Out For

To protect yourself from falling victim to scams like Mary’s System, it is important to be aware of certain details that are indicative of illegitimate businesses. Here are five key warning signs to watch out for:

  1. Your TurnKey Site: In Mary’s System, users are promised a turnkey site that comes with products that are unlikely to generate genuine customer interest. The training package provided may be the extent of the support offered, leaving users to navigate the complexities of the business on their own. Additionally, constant upsells may further drain your resources without delivering the promised results.
  2. Fake Contact Details: Mary’s System provides a non-functioning phone number as the primary means of contact. The only option for reaching out is through an online channel that leads to an EasyKits site. has a history of charging users without providing the promised product or service, making it an unreliable platform for obtaining assistance or support.
  3. Nonexistent Address: The address listed for Mary’s System in Desoto, TX does not exist when searched on Google. Some investigations have found that the IP location traces back to San Francisco, California, suggesting the use of a VPN to mask their true location. This lack of transparency further raises concerns about the legitimacy of the operation.
  4. No Information on Owner: The company name associated with Mary’s System is “Markenark,” which can also be found on their other related sites. However, no information about this company can be located through the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or other reliable sources. The absence of a reputable track record is a significant red flag.
  5. No Refund Policy: Requesting a refund from Mary’s System proves to be an arduous task, as it is nearly impossible to obtain one. The company behind Mary’s System, EasyKits, has a reputation for withholding refunds from dissatisfied customers. Numerous negative reviews and complaints further solidify the lack of customer support and satisfaction.

The Scam “Bouquet”: Other Programs to Avoid

Mary’s System is just one member of a long-standing group of scams that operate under various names and presentations. These scams typically offer a “money-making site” without providing any substantial details or explanations. They often employ paid actors, claim limited availability, and require an initial investment of less than $100. Here are a few examples of other scams associated with this group:

  • Facebook Bonanza: This scam falsely claims to be endorsed by Facebook.
  • MYIGAA (Make Your Income Great Again and Again): Presented by an actor named “Matthew Cooper,” this program shares similarities with Mary’s System.
  • The Retired Millionaire: Fronted by an actor named “Greg Larson,” this program lacks verifiable information about its creator or business.
  • The Push Button System: Marketed by an actor named “Jay Brown,” this program promises effortless money-making without disclosing any details about the system itself.
  • Mega Marketing System: Presented by an actress named “Jennifer Callahan,” this program features familiar faces from the Mary’s System video.
  • MSWSystem (Money Sucking Website): Headed by an actor named “Willy Hancock,” this program uses stock images and lacks credibility.

These scams are constantly evolving, with new iterations appearing as previous sites are shut down. It is crucial to be vigilant and familiarize yourself with the red flags associated with illegitimate businesses to protect yourself from falling prey to these deceptive schemes.

Legitimate Passive Income Businesses in 2023

Despite the prevalence of scams, there are legitimate business models that have the potential to generate passive income. Exploring these options is essential for individuals seeking genuine opportunities to achieve financial freedom. Here are a few legitimate passive income business models to consider in 2023:

  1. Amazon FBA: Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program allows individuals to sell products on the e-commerce giant’s platform. With proper research, product selection, and marketing strategies, this business model can lead to passive income generation.
  2. Dropshipping: Dropshipping involves selling products online without the need for inventory management. By partnering with suppliers, you can fulfill orders directly from their warehouses, eliminating the need for storage and shipping. Effective marketing and customer service can contribute to a successful dropshipping business.
  3. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing involves promoting other companies’ products or services and earning a commission for each successful referral. Building a strong online presence and strategically selecting affiliate partnerships can lead to a consistent passive income stream.
  4. Digital Real Estate: Digital real estate refers to the creation and ownership of online assets such as websites or blogs that generate income through advertising, sponsored content, or product sales. By leveraging search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and providing valuable content, digital real estate can generate passive income over time.

While these business models hold promise, it is important to note that achieving financial freedom requires dedication, perseverance, and the willingness to continuously adapt and learn. Success in passive income ventures often requires ongoing efforts to refine your strategies and stay ahead of the competition.

The Recommended Passive Income Business: Local Lead Generation

After extensive research and analysis, local lead generation emerges as a highly recommended business model for generating passive income. Unlike other saturated markets, local lead generation targets specific local markets, reducing the intense competition often faced in broader niches.

Local lead generation involves creating and ranking websites on Google to attract potential customers for local businesses. By renting out these websites to businesses in need of leads, you can earn passive income while providing a valuable service. The scalability of this business model allows you to replicate the process and generate multiple income streams.

With minimal setup costs and the potential for long-term website rankings, local lead generation offers a true passive income opportunity. By mastering SEO techniques and consistently delivering high-quality leads, you can achieve both financial and time freedom.


In the world of online business opportunities, it is crucial to approach claims of quick and effortless wealth with skepticism. Scams like Mary’s System prey on individuals seeking financial independence, offering false promises and misleading information. By familiarizing yourself with the red flags and warning signs of illegitimate businesses, you can protect yourself from falling victim to these deceptive schemes.

Instead, consider exploring legitimate passive income business models such as Amazon FBA, dropshipping, affiliate marketing, or digital real estate. However, after thorough research, local lead generation stands out as a highly recommended business model for generating passive income in 2023. With its targeted approach, scalability, and long-term potential, local lead generation offers a genuine opportunity for financial and time freedom.

Remember, success in passive income ventures requires dedication, continuous learning, and the ability to adapt to changing market dynamics. By arming yourself with knowledge and making informed decisions, you can build a sustainable and profitable business that brings you closer to your financial goals.