Can You Make Money With Google Maps?

I’m sure throughout the years, you’ve seen ads on how Google can make you a ton of money, right…but did you know you can make money with Google Maps. You can do this without creating any product, dealing with customers or paying for marketing campaigns. Supposedly, it would help if you created a Google Business Profile, and sales will pour in. You can make a full-time income working part-time on your sofa…this is precisely how the sales pitch went…lol. I’m skeptical and don’t believe what these people are saying…so read on to find out if this is legit.

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So, let’s learn more about the business model. Go to Google Maps and start searching for serviced-based businesses in small cities. You are looking for actual physical locations, including accountants, dentists, HVAC, landscapers, etc. Now, it’s easy to find these businesses because you go to Google Maps and type in “ac cleaning,” “gutter cleaning,” and others. Here’s the secret, the ones on top of the search results probably have all the business they can handle, but scroll down to the ones towards the bottom…these people would love for you to help them increase customers. Let’s continue,

You will focus on those business listings that need help being optimized. So, you are looking for poor images, low-quality descriptions, and other details that don’t make the business stand out. Oh, you also want to pick ones with few reviews and don’t have a website or phone number. If you find ones with a link that says “Own this business,”…those are golding opportunities. These are business pages where the owner hasn’t even claimed them, so they will not end up on the top of any search 100%. Now, you go into game mode…

Start reaching out to these businesses that appear low in the search results or don’t even have a page offering to turn it all around for them. When you reach out, you can start to sell by describing to these businesses the advantages of having an optimized page. First, claiming your page is essential; if you don’t, anyone can claim it and mess with your business. For example, a competitor of yours, etc. Secondly, for your business to succeed, you must show up in the top results. If you don’t, you lose out on enormous business going to your competition. Now, you can offer your services to any of these businesses that don’t have a page.

How to Make Money with Google Maps - Self-Made Success


The ideal range is $500 per setup, and as you become better, you can get reviews and charge even more per service. You can tell them you’ll get started immediately and accept cash, check, PayPal, or whatever. After you receive the payment, you hop on a call with the business owner to learn more about what they do so you can transfer the information to their business listing. Add website details, phone number, description, hour of operation, and more. Once you have all the information, you set up the profile, and Google will send them a code to finalize the entire page. Now, you can earn even more by putting in a process so the page gets some reviews helping them achieve higher listings on Google Maps. The cool thing is, if you feel you won’t be able to deliver on your promise… offer a refund (so what).

Anyways, I have been doing marketing for some time and know this stuff is legit. However, you have to put in the work to get going. Also, you must get ready to start cold-calling customers to determine their interest. Some businesses will hang up, while others are willing to hear you out…whatever the case, you have to keep pushing forward. When getting started, you may not be able to charge a lot, but it’s all about building your presence online. That said, if you feel this is not for you, check out what else you can get involved in by clicking the orange button.

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