Stock Navigators Review (Tom, Tim)

Imagine someone saying you shouldn’t listen to Warren Buffet. I mean, this is Warren Buffet, the investment guru who has made billions of dollars. Now you have Timothy Luong, who says you shouldn’t listen to him. (WOW). As I started to listen a bit more, I guess I understood the point: you’re NOT a billionaire, so why trade like one (Timothy’s dad, Tom said). Tom turned $10,000 into six (6) figures in a month trading futures contract. Tom now claims he makes this kind of money almost every month in the markets; if not, then he for sure makes a few hundred every day. So, now I’m wondering should we listen to him? Let’s find out! Read my Stock Navigators review! But, first…

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The CEO is Stock Navigators is Timothy Luong. He has the credentials of a UCLA graduate earning an economics degree, but can you believe he walked away from a high-paying Wall Street job after seeing his dad’s success in the markets? He is now a day trader after being mentored by his dad for 3-months and got the hang of it pretty fast. Anyways, here’s Tom’s backstory…

Tom studied to be a systems design engineer. He was a typical hardworking immigrant who could make good money by working long hours. Furthermore, he got married, had two kids, and lived the American dream because he felt he had everything. He started investing at the right time because many tech companies were starting, and he invested in them. He made a ton of money until the tech bubble burst in 2000. Tom lost around 1 million dollars (half of his entire life savings). I feel bad hearing this because money does make the world go round, and with a family losing money can hurt badly. At this point, many people would write off the market, but Tom wanted his revenge, so he started reading books on investing, attended seminars, bought courses, and flew around the world to LEARN from the best This now brings us to the father and son team who launched.

Stock Navigators so that they can teach other people their methods. Can you believe this started in Silicon Valley as a school (physical) and has started to create a buzz online? Here’s something else,

Stock Navigators Review (Tom, Tim)


For the Luong teams right now, there is a lot of volatility in the market, so this is the BEST time to get in (I GUESS SO). The more up and down, the better chances of getting into the RIGHT move, say the team. They have a valid point when they say the government is printing money because of COVID, so leaving your money in the bank is no good. The interest rates are too low. Plus, you need much more money than you did before regarding retirement. So,

The Stock Navigators program doesn’t require you to have any previous experience, and you can invest whatever amount of money you are comfortable investing. The team says you can go at your own pace and LEARN this recession-proof system that will multiply your money. (THIS I DON’T KNOW). The father and son team does say you have to put in some serious work, so don’t expect to get rich quickly. It’s not meant to do this, but it gives you the foundation you need to hit that target soon enough. Here’s the problem…

These guys don’t say how much the program costs, which scares me because they’ll probably try to hit you with a high price when you speak with them. I have reviewed many programs, and I like this one because I believe in family values so much to give this team a bit more credit. Plus, the story does sound legit. They have a lot of positive reviews, so I encourage you to check them out. But, if you hate investing, check out my other favourite program by clicking the orange button below.

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