Lunar Ecom Review: Walmart Dropshipping Drama

Ryan Pineda is known to have his hand in everything, like house flipping, car rentals and everything in between. The fantastic thing is Ryan has probably created a training course around everything type of business he is involved in. Now, his latest project, LunarEcom, is an entirely done Amazon and Walmart store. I’m writing a review about this because they have faced criticism lately.  Ryan says, “If you have been dropshipping through Walmart, you can understand why it’s been tough.”

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So, here’s the thing…

Because of all these online scams, many stores are getting suspended quickly. Ryan says, “If you do a quick search on Google, you will see a lot of negative complaints on YouTube and Reddit about what’s going on.” So, now everyone wants to know – what’s happening in the ecommerce industry (specifically Walmart)? From what I have read, many people are moving from Amazon to Walmart automation for several reasons. First, you have the option to start scaling your Walmart store right away. This option is NOT available on Amazon because they make it difficult for you to scale. Second, the profit margins are higher with Walmart stores. Third, unlike Amazon, the risk of getting suspended from Walmart is lower. However, the third point is no longer true…

You see, it’s first important to note that Walmart has been allowing 3rd party selling for 1-year with an extremely low suspension rate. Ryan cashed in on this because he and his Lunar Ecom clients went online with automated Walmart stores and made a considerable profit. Ryan says, “This was an amazing time and profitable too.” Then, however, out of nowhere, Walmart started suspending many stores….what happened?

Ryan and his Lunar Ecom gurus wrote to Walmart to get most of their stores reinstated, which they could. But this entire process completely scared the **it out of them. After getting their stores back, they were able to get solid profits for 1-2 months. Then, Walmart decided to do another round of suspensions which didn’t make sense. Ryan says, “The stores they suspended this time were brand new and had no sales yet. So, we did nothing to violate any of Walmart’s policies or service terms.” Ryan says Walmart didn’t even give them an apparent reason for getting suspended. (upsetting).

Lunar E-Com Review (2023): Is Ryan Pineda Actually Legit?


Ryan decided to write to Walmart again to get his stores back, but they suspended all of their stores this time. Ryan says, “We were worried because they had no idea what Walmart had up their sleeves to do next. Walmart just started terminating new stores even when they were not selling anything yet. Walmart provided no warnings or messages about why.”

Ryan said that if it were just his company, he would have felt better because it would mean he was doing something wrong and needed to change things. However, he said people’s stores worldwide were getting terminated…what the hell…right? “No matter what the industry or type of store, my friends and their stores were getting shut down. So, we all decided to shut down our Walmart stores without dealing with this ongoing headache.” Ryan stated.

So, the question is, what about all the people who paid Ryan a lot of money to get their automated Walmart store up and running? From what I hear, it sounds like Ryan and his Lunar Ecom team did the right thing by switching people back to Amazon. However, these guys are not entirely stopping Walmart because they will give it a chance later. Still, for now, they will focus on Amazon. It seems like too much headache for me, so I would stick to something I know works. To find out more, click the button or link below.

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