Local Marketing Vault Review…Is It The Real Deal Or Not?

The Local Marketing Vault has been creating a lot of buzz lately, so I decided to check it out and see what makes this program so popular. Before joining a program, I research the people behind it to better understand their experience and skills.

1. Who Created the Local Marketing Vault?

So, the Local Marketing Vault was started by James Bonadies and Jason Mckim, who both bring unique marketing skills. For example, James Bonadies is an expert copywriter and ad strategist with experience designing engaging funnels that convert.


Jason Mckim is an EXPERT in paid traffic (Google and Facebook). He’s also been running YouTube ads since 2014 and managed over $7 million in advertising spend. (WOW).



Both these guys brought their unique skills together to create the Local Marketing Vault to teach people what PITFALLS to avoid when starting their own marketing agency. Their program – The Local Marketing Vault– offers the best online marketing strategies. Let’s explore this training program in more detail:

2. What’s Included in The Local Marketing Vault Training Program?

Let’s explore the different MODULES offered to better understand the VALUE provided in this program. The Local Marketing Vault has a TOTAL of 10 modules. Each module has several sections presented in VIDEO format to explain how to build your marketing agency from the ground. To be honest, there is a lot offered in this program. I recommend watching each module a few times while making notes along the way because, TRUST me when I say, there is VALUABLE stuff covered in the Local Marketing Vault. Alright…

Let’s ROCK N’ROLL and dive into each MODULE a bit more so you get a better understanding of what’s included in this training:

7 Figure Award



In this module, you are introduced to the Local Marketing Vault program. First, you will LEARN what local marketing is and the foundation of this training. Then, in module 1, James and Jason set expectations regarding what you will gain from their program. For example, they answer questions like What makes their program different from others? , What type of clients will you be serving? And, How will you be helping these clients? In other words, the first video in MODULE 1 will cover the who, what, where, and why to mentally prepare you for what’s ahead…and trust me when I say the Local Marketing Vault is one of a kind!

Now, here’s another thing I love about this program. In video #2 of Module 1, you will learn how to set up your own business. You see, many other programs, I’ve noticed, don’t take the time to explain things like naming your business, building a business identity, collecting payments, and they don’t take the time to explain some of the tools you have available to kick-start your business. Finally,

In Module 1, the Local Marketing Vault program will lay the groundwork for success. James and Jason will hand you a GUARANTEED SUCCESS FORMULA and provide you with a proven strategy they’ve used to achieve their success. This is what I love about the program (from what I gather from the opening videos), you get a complete program, not just pieces. So you can have a blueprint of how to be successful in marketing from start to finish.  

Now, remember, these guys have built this program spending millions of dollars in ad spend and working with tons of clients. So, these are PROVEN strategies you will be learning in the Local Marketing Vault.


Now, things get exciting in this module because you get an overview of the services you will provide for your customers. In module 2, you get a better idea of the types of services you will provide, and you will LEARN what categories these services fall into. For example, you LEARN the difference between “customers now” and “customers later” (REALLY COOL). Another thing I enjoyed about this module is that you get a glimpse into the different marketing methods you will use in your business. Jason handles this section because he is the marketing man. He does a great job explaining the various methods like PPC marketing (Google and Facebook), message marketing, and a non-paid method – SEO. But…

 It’s important to mention that in this module, Jason will provide a brief overview of these marketing methods. Their dedicated modules will cover them in more detail later within the Local Marketing Vault.

Also, James and Jason introduce an all-in-one software to help you provide your services: The Agency Toolbox

 You’re wondering what the Agency Toolbox (ATB) is about…right? Well, I won’t spoil it too much, but I’ll fill you in a bit…

The Agency Toolbox is software provided by James and Jason to help you run your marketing agency. This software helps streamline your business setup by providing a phone number, email, and even a website (WOW). It removes the tedious tasks you would do one at a time and combines them into one (1) easy-to-use software.  In short, it simplifies the way you operate your business.


Jason closes the module with some fantastic video DEMOs into lead generation and search engine optimization. You see, this is what’s so unique about this program! Everything is covered in depth, making it the perfect training program for someone setting up their own marketing agency. So, the demos cover the following:

Setting up the Agency Toolbox
Call tracking setup
Lead generation execution
Facebook execution
SEO execution
Funnel setup
Conversion tracking setup
Google Ads campaign setup
Facebook Ads campaign setup
And much more. 


Before you can start setting up your marketing campaigns, you need to know how to SELL and close the deals…right? What better way to help you LEARN all of this than having an entire module with seven (7) separate videos walking you through step-by-step? In the first video of module 3, you LEARN something James and Jason call the Baby Yoda Strategy. (sounds funny, but very clever)…anyways,

Jason explains the Baby Yoda Strategy and how it’s an easy way to offer your services and close more deals. (who doesn’t love that…right?). He explains some of the strategies you will be leveraging and why they’re so powerful…it’s a must-watch! Now,

In module 3, Jason helps you perfect the sale conversion. For example, you will LEARN the different parts of the sales process and how to eliminate trust issues between you and your client. What I love about this video is that you LEARN how to qualify your client and figure out if you guys are a match for each other. Remember, not all customers will be easy to manage, so you will learn how to eliminate them before they become a headache in the future. And finally,

Local Marketing Vault Review [Updated March 2023]


The rest of the videos in module 3 will go over the simple trial you can offer your clients to eliminate friction, the onboarding process, how to finalize the retainer (payment), and how to handle any objections the customer may still have. But, look, the bottom line is this…

If you are NOT a natural talker and have trouble closing deals, module 3 will remove all your anxiety by providing an easy-to-follow structure to implement into your marketing agency to build the confidence you need to thrive.


Module 4 will teach you how to use what you LEARNED in module 3 to close deals FAST. So, Jason starts by giving you an overview of the two (2) types of prospecting – COLD vs HOT while explaining the differences. It makes sense to have an explanation because you have to understand what prospecting avenues you have available! Then, Jason will introduce some strategies you can apply to determine if the niche is RIGHT for you—for example, the Niche Down Method with an excellent illustration to help you understand the concept.

In module 4, Jason digs deeper into each prospecting method. Then, he provides you with ACTUAL strategies you can use RIGHT now to start. Here are some of them: cold calling, cold emailing, social media marketing, meetups, LinkedIn, and more. This is just the tip of the iceberg here…because Jason does a fantastic job going into detail on each of them. By the time you finish module 4, you will be ready to start prospecting with TOTAL confidence.

I can’t move on module 5 without mentioning two (2) more quick things:

First, in module 4, you will learn other powerful prospecting methods, like the Arm’s Reach method, Jason’s favourite. Secondly, Jason will do a live DEMO using a script also available to you so you can see this prospecting method in action!

Oh, I almost forget, module 4 has one (1) more video showing you live in Google how to find leads for your business. Jason shows you some cool searches you can type into Google to find local businesses interested in more clients. I love this last video because he just showed me where I could find directories of businesses in my area I can contact, offering them my services. (WOW). Now if you don’t want to gather the leads yourself, you can hire someone, and Jason knows the RIGHT websites to help you do this, too…he’ll provide them to you in this module.

Alright, let’s move on to module 5…scaling your business!


Now, this is a very special module because you will LEARN how to scale your business. But, you will also LEARN the importance of routines and setting your business goals, which I believe will carry you through life as well, no matter what you do.

So, in module 5, video 1, Jason discusses the importance of consistency and focus. He shows you where your primary focus should be and what elements of the business you should avoid because they CAN lead to setbacks. You will also get some sample routines that have been effective in helping other students. Finally, Jason provides routine templates you can apply to your life if you have a day job or not. Either way, the KEY is to help you find a routine that’s effective and provides results over time.

In video 2 of module 5, you LEARN how to utilize the SMART method to reach your business goals and strategies to hit your targets. Jason now gets into how to scale your business. He introduces the different methods available to you that have been effective in his marketing and students. He will cover some things in detail in the other videos in this module. For example, how to scale your business through upselling, increasing CLV (customer lifetime value), scaling through the referral system, and scaling your business by building an effective team. Finally, Jason closes this module by walking you through how to build a 6-figure marketing agency using a team.


It’s time to tie everything you learned together. Jason will now walk you through how to take action with everything you’ve learned. How does he do this, by walking you through the “NEXT STEPS” (this is an actual video)…

So, what are the next steps he goes through…well…Choose your trial service, and your niche, start prospecting and sell your trial. Everything I just mentioned has its own video, so don’t worry! You will learn how to apply each step as you register and build your marketing agency. Great, let’s move on…

In module 6, you will LEARN the POWER OF 5 “NO’s” a day. Now, you see the word “NO” and probably get all freaked out, but Jason explains how 5 No’s can help you as you start your journey to find clients. Did you know the people who tend to be the most successful are the ones who consistently hear “NO”? I didn’t believe it either, but after being part of the training, it’s incredible what hearing the word “NO” does to help you focus and gain more confidence. I became a better salesman, more confident, and more focused after hearing “NO” so many times because I was able to tweak and perfect my strategy because of it. This video is a must-watch!

Here’s one thing I love about the Local Marketing Vault

Jason provides you with the training and then follows it up with some challenges to add a “practical” twist to his lessons. For example, Jason closes this module with a Restaurant and Towing Challenge. So, in each challenge, you have to apply what you learned in the Local Marketing Vault training course. These challenges aim to familiarize you with the methods and make you more comfortable applying the strategies you learned in each module. For me, this was a fantastic opportunity because I got a chance to go out a meet with actual businesses and apply what I learned in LMV.

So far in this training, Jason has taught us what the Local Marketing Vault is all about…right? You LEARNED the basic structure of the business, what services you would be offering, the different marketing methods, how to scale your business, and more. In module 7, Jason will teach you how to master the marketing required to run your business and generate leads.

First, Local Facebook Mastery…


As always, Jason does a fantastic job breaking down the module into different videos, layering them from top to bottom so you understand Facebook marketing more in-depth. For example, Jason starts with an introduction to Facebook marketing and, more importantly, how to stay compliant so your Facebook ads account doesn’t get banned before you even start. He’ll explore advertising policies, billing issues, and payment options. Next,

Jason explores the importance of research and what you can learn from other businesses and your competitors. For example, did you know you can use Groupon to fine-tune your offer and advertising campaign…no? Well, Jason walks you through how you can! Ok, next, you will LEARN in module 7 all about landing page basics, how to connect your domain to your landing page, and how to make sure your landing page complies with Facebook advertising policies. (MUST WATCH).

And finally, Jason goes through what I think are the MOST important videos in this module and the ones which allowed me to reach new heights with my marketing campaigns-

How to set up your first campaign, starting with an introduction, then setting up a Facebook conversion pixel to optimize your campaigns, setting up your lead generation form on Facebook, and the different types of campaigns available to you – Traffic vs Engagement (how to run them successfully).

Jason ends module 7 with a series of videos on – Scaling & Troubleshooting Campaigns (retargeting, Facebook support, and general troubleshooting). Jason also provides you with some BONUS videos walking you through some DEMO campaigns he ran “himself” on Facebook. Why is this important? Because you see all these marketing strategies in action and get a chance to understand why they were so successful. You can see the landing pages, keywords, budget, and more. I have yet to come across any other online marketing course showing you their winning campaigns and giving you a straightforward way to duplicate them in your marketing.


In module 8, Jason has also dedicated more than 12+ videos to mastering PPC marketing. He starts with an introduction to Google PPC, how to stay compliant, and then moves into more complex topics like keyword research, creating landing pages and setting up your first Google account. What I loved about this section in module 8 is that Jason also explores the different campaign types for Google PPC. For example, I didn’t know you could run Smart campaigns, Call Only campaigns, Traditional Search campaigns, and others. Thanks to Jason, I now utilize all of them with ad extensions to further improve my conversion rate. Oh, this reminds me; Jason has videos on optimizing and troubleshooting your campaigns. Honestly, a course to learn everything covered in module 8 would cost thousands of dollars (I would definitely pay that much). Oh, one thing about the ”troubleshooting your campaigns” video’s…these are super in-depth. For example, when Jason shows you how to troubleshoot Google PPC, he goes over how to manage your spending, identify and fix campaigns with low clicks, and even fix non-converting campaigns. If you think that’s it, your wrong because Jason has included some bonuses…

Like at the end of MODULE 7, Jason also provides DEMO campaigns he ran on the Google advertising platform. He goes through all of his successful campaigns. You can see these marketing strategies and understand why they converted so well. You see the landing pages, keywords, budget, and more. Again, I have yet to come across any other online marketing course showing you their winning campaigns and giving you a straightforward way to duplicate them in your marketing.


As mentioned earlier, the Local Marketing Vault offers its students the Agency Toolbox. This software helps you streamline setting up your entire business and is “especially” perfect for people with minimal technical experience. This MODULE has nine (9) videos going over how to set up the ATB from start to finish. With that said,

The Agency Toolbox is an optional tool to run your entire marketing agency. I don’t have too much experience using the Agency Toolbox, but here are some things you can do with it:

Auto Lead Followups
Reputation Management
Website Builder W/ DFY Agency Template
Funnel Builder W/ DFY Two Page Sites (32 Niches)
Form & Survey Builder
CRM & Pipelines
Text/Call W/ ATB
Autoresponder to send emails
It comes with an Agency Account PLUS 1 Client Account!

 Local Marketing Vault will give you a FREE 30-day trial to the Award Winning Agency Toolbox. After the trial period, the ATB is $97.00 per month. The great thing is you don’t need ATB unless you have a paying client…so the client covers the cost! That’s the way a business should work!


When you think Jason and his team have provided all the value they can….you have the Local Marketing Vault Weekly Q&As. Can you believe there are a TOTAL of six (6) Q&As per week?

These sessions are packed with 1+ hours of  LMV  News, Updates, Tips, Tricks, Giveaways, Strategies, Making Money, and Answering ALL Your Questions! Listen, I’ve been part of other training programs before, and once you join, they leave you stranded, but NOT The Local Marketing Vault! You see,

The Local Marketing Vault (LMV) understands for its students to be successful, it’s NOT only about the training videos but the support they provide also. So, they have six (6) Q&A sessions per week for newbies, those setting up their first campaign, who need help troubleshooting their marketing campaigns, sales training, and general open floor sessions where anyone can drop a question in the comment box to get answered by Jason and/or James. There’s just so much support that you’re never left questioning your next steps. Just hop into a LIVE Q&A session, and you’ll have your answers by the end of it. Oh, these six (6) Q&As are held in their super active Facebook group…

Local Marketing Vault (LMV) Facebook Group

The Smart Marketers {LMV} Facebook page has over 6000+ members (more joining daily). In this group, you can post questions and get help from Jason and his team. You also have an opportunity to interact with other program members, which is one of the MOST important steps to succeed in this business. Why? Because you support each other and have a chance to learn from each other’s mistakes. You get to pick the brains of those who have been in the Local Marketing Vault longer, so you have answers to just about any question you could possibly have. Once you enroll in the LMV training, join the group and start following the live Q&A, watch live events, participate in contests, and contribute to the group by sharing your knowledge to help others.

2. How Much Does The Local Marketing Vault Cost?

Now, the Local Marketing Vault has different price points. Your price will depend on your chosen package and how fast you want to LEARN the material—however, the entire LMV training course costs anywhere between $2,000 to $7,000 depending on if you want to go through self-paced or if you want to be assigned a mentor to support you as you go through. Now, mentors are other successful students already earning 6-figures a year in their business. I believe Jason and James may also offer students a payment plan to start their business, earn income, and gradually pay off the training over the next few months. Here’s how I look at things when it comes to investing in a training program.

I look at the program’s OVERALL value and what I will gain from it once I’ve completed it. Yes! The price may seem steep, but once you complete the program, a single client you gain because of Local Marketing Vault will repay your entire investment. So, I encourage you to look at the entire value gained from Local Marketing Vault, not the price you’re paying.

3. What Are Others Saying About The Local Marketing Vault?

Overall, people have nothing but positive things to say about the Local Marketing Vault (LMV). For example, their Trustpilot page has a 4.8 rating with over 950+ reviews (WOW).

Local Marketing Vault Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of  localmarketingvault.com

4. The Final Verdict

Oh man, oh, man…

Where do I even start? I’ve been part of a lot of programs throughout the years and have reviewed hundreds of similar programs, and I can say with confidence that the Local Marketing Vault by Jason and James is one of a kind. Reread this review, and you will notice the unbelieve value you’re getting in return after you join. First, you have the very BEST leading the team – Jason and James. These guys bring years of experience, so who better to LEARN from than these guys…right? I mean, any question you have about marketing, you have these guys on your side. Next, the Local Marketing Vault allows you to be part of a growing business. Think about it…you will be helping local businesses (who know nothing about marketing online) grow and scale their business. They will love you, and you’ll earn commission in return too. The marketing niche is not going anywhere because as long as businesses want to grow their clientele, you’ll have an opportunity to grow yours!

When I started my first business years ago, I had to research how to do it step-by-step. I had no clue how to register the business, set up a website, and take payments…nothing! But here’s what I love about the Local Marketing Vault, everything you need is in the member’s center. Furthermore, you don’t need to research independently because Jason has dedicated an entire module 8 on how to set up your entire business from start to finish. Here’s something else worth mentioning…

Jason teaches you strategies on how to find clients and close deals. He goes through different prospecting methods and even provides scripts you can use while prospecting for new clients. These are methods he’s used himself successfully. I respect Jason for doing this because no one gives away their secrets, but Jason has laid it all out on the table for us to see. Some other things worth mentioning are the detailed marketing videos. These videos hit home because I was able to save a ton of money when I stopped making some of the common mistakes in my campaigns. Not to mention, Jason covered what other marketing programs refuse to do – show you winning campaigns live! That’s right! No other program I’ve checked out gave me a view into the campaigns they ran or those with the best results. But Jason was true to his word and helped you understand paid marketing and how to troubleshoot campaigns to perform better. Oh, this is all after he shows you how to set up accounts on Facebook and Google and stay compliant so you don’t get your account banned.

I think the Agency Toolbox can be beneficial if you have no clue how to set up a website or funnels. However, I have experience, so I didn’t find ATB helpful in my marketing agency. But thousands of people don’t have a clue or the time to set up a website and funnels, so I recommend they signup for the 30-day free trial of Agency Toolbox. And one more thing I want to mention before closing is the weekly Q&A. I respect that the Local Marketing Vault team takes time to hop in and update the group. I viewed these sessions as a refresher keeping us updated with what’s changing within the program and in marketing in general. Sometimes, these guys hop in to encourage everyone in the group, which helps boost confidence. I think this is important in business (especially when starting).

Here’s the bottom line…

The Local Marketing Vault is the real detail! If you don’t think so after everything you have just read, then marketing is NOT for you because you don’t know how to spot a good thing if it hits you over the head. I give this program two (2) thumbs up and wouldn’t recommend any other marketing program. But don’t just take my word; read what others say and check out the program yourself. Oh, you can even book a call with Jason and his team if you have any questions that still need to be answered.

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