Tai Lopez: Here’s How To Live Longer – The Art of Living Long by Luigi Cornaro

Tai Lopez always recommends books and now has another one which is creating a lot of buzz. The book is called The Art of Living Long by Luigi Cornaro. Tai Lopez chose this book because, supposedly, the author lived until he was 102, which is impressive if you consider that he died in 1566. This is a big deal because this was before modern medicine existed. The few questions I have are: Was he a complete meat eater? A vegan? Did you believe in the Keto diet? Or do I want to know more about his thought process? Or did you do something completely different, which is unheard of? Tai Lopez explains a bit about Luigi Cornaro and his mentality. I encourage you to read on for the complete book review.

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Tai says, “There are many studies nowadays being done about nutrition and what to eat (or not what to eat. But, back then, in 1566, there were no studies, so Luigi was ahead of his time.” Tai continues, “Now you have intermitting fasting and restricting calories which can all be true but could be a money grab simultaneously.” Luigi has the following philosophy starting with principle number 1 – always leave the table with a bit of space in your stomach. The key is NOT to fill yourself up because this is a form of satiation. Stuffing yourself is unsuitable for overall health and can have substantial long-term adverse effects.

Tai Lopez says, “That’s it…lol. The funny thing is in Okinawa, where people live until 100+, they follow the same principle. In Okinawa, they say you should only eat until you are 80% full, which Luigi said most people believed in the 1400s and 1500s.” Tai continues, “Even modern bodybuilders say to have many meals but smaller portions. For example, Tom Platz, who mentored me, said to eat but ensure you are NOT full. Why? Eating larger meals in one sitting can push the belly out.” Tai says when he travels Europe, they all believe in this mentality because, in places like Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway, you will notice no one is big. You will never find all-you-can-eat at restaurants. Tai does say the only negative is if you are trying to build muscle, you may run into a barrier because it’s tough on a calorically restricted diet. Tai says you have to have a delicate balance that depends on your goals. Let’s move on….

Tai then throws in a punchline…what do I mean? You see, the art of living long is temperance per meal.

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But here’s the punchline: the art of living long is temperance per meal. You have to mix it up occasionally to throw your body off. Try intermittent fasting once a week and see how your body responds. You have to experiment; this way, you will find out what works better for you. Some things respond better with people, and some won’t. But you have to try different things. How you respond will come down to your age, genetics, etc. So, anyways, this is number one; now, what else helped Luigi live longer than some other people…

When you read the book, you learn that Luigi was also big on guarding against intense heat and cold. I am unsure if this would make any sense today because you have people like Wim Hof who say ice baths are the fountain of youth. Luigi, in his book, stated that he would avoid extreme fatigue and poor ventilation too. Tai says that’s it; these are the four (4) simple principles. Let’s summarize, eat until you are 80% full, avoid extreme weather, never get too tired and always breathe clean air. Think about it, 100 years later; you have science saying the same thing…this is incredible, right?

Here are my final thoughts: you must stop thinking every meal is your last meal because then you will keep overeating and go against what Luigi is teaching you in his book. (And what Tai Lopez preaches). I believe with this mentality, America would look a lot different, which is terrible. Tai, however, says in the end, you want to ensure you don’t overdo it. So I guess you need to have the right balance. Use common sense and find a happy medium…but always aim for about eighty percent full whenever you eat!!

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