Live Large Coaching Review (Chris Patterson)

Chris Patterson helps companies make way more money and have fun while doing it. He does this through his company called So far, they have generated $1.6 billion for their clients (which is insane). Chris is a true entrepreneur because he also runs something called Live Large Coaching, Quantum Leap Mindset, and Thinking Into Results. These programs have been created to help those struggling to scale over the roadblock. “I want to make these people  7-figure powerhouses.”

Many people think this guy must be legit because he has pictures with Grant Cardone, Ed Mylett, 50 Cent and Michael Chandler…what do I think? Let’s find out.

Anyways, Chris starts by saying he is interested in working with anyone wanting to take a significant step in life and their business. He also says these people MUST be willing to learn, stay focused, and put in the work to succeed. “You want to know what success means to me?” says Chris.

He defines it as understanding your value and watching your dreams come true. It’s about doing things that excite you and scare you simultaneously.  What… scares you? But Chris then explains that for Elon Musk, it’s settling on Mars. Yeah, I guess this kind of makes sense now. Chris mentions A-goals, defined as things you know you can complete because you have done them before and have experience with them. For example, knowing you can run 3 miles without any problem because you have done it before. However, there is also something called B-goals…what are these?

“These are things you think you can do because you have done similar things in the past. For example, may you have run 2 miles, but believe in your heart, you can run 3 in the future. “ says Chris. The reason is that the blueprint and the game plan are EXACTLY the same, but you just have to put in some extra work to get to that point. And finally, you have those C-goals, which you want to do but doubt you can do. You are scared to do them, so keep de-motivating yourself to progress. Your negative thoughts keep holding you back. Let’s continue…

So, Chris has made it his mission to tackle C-goals. He wants you to go after these things so you are ready to get out of bed in the morning and get going because of the positive thoughts you have about the day ahead. So, how do we get started? Chris wants you to start by writing out one C-goal, a fantasy, so you can close the gap between knowing and actually doing. “You have to understand what your NPAs are…non-productive actions. For example, are you trying to lose weight? Maybe your NPA would be ordering Uber Eats or sitting on the sofa doing a Netflix marathon.” says Chris. Ok,

Live Large Coaching Review (Chris Patterson)


Chris mentioned something called the Law of Polarity, which means every action has a reaction. Left has a right, up has a down, light has dark, and so on. So, to turn those NPAs into PA (productive actions), you would start to make decisions that align better with your goals. For example, if you are trying to lose weight, this time when grocery shopping, purchase more fruits, vegetables, clean proteins, etc. But, honestly, I’m sure I already knew this, so how is this some revolutionary thought Chris keeps jumping all over the place. He starts talking crazy about the Terror Barrier and how fear is the one thing that is always holding you back from success. “Fear is just False Evidence Appearing Real,” says Chris. I actually do like the spin he put on the word fear! In short,

Chris is saying you have to focus on c-goals, and whenever you are hot with a barrier, you have to figure out what the “fear” is and how to accomplish it (get past it). But if you can anticipate them in advance, you can be prepared for them…right?

I still have no clue how Live Large Coaching will help me and how much the program costs. This is a big no for me because I have no clue how this guy will make a giant change in my life. I can buy a book from Amazon and probably achieve more…lol.