Matthew Lepre Reviews Why You’ll Fail

Imagine being told that you will fail at eCommerce before you even start. Matthew Lepre is so sure this will be the case that he’ll bet 99% of his wealth that you will fail before you even start. Why is this the case? Well, Matthew says it’s for the following reasons. First, you will try to reinvent the wheel or come up with something new, which can be extremely risky, especially if you DON’T have the funds to start with. However, why don’t you start doing something which has been tested to work? This is what Matthew is preaching to you right now. He is saying to start a business which works by copying their style, marketing, products…everything. Then do it better! Now, before I start to explore this concept more…

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Matthew says the second reason people fail at starting their eCommerce business is that they don’t have the RIGHT support by their side. “You need a mentor or a coach who has gone through the obstacles and come out on top. This way, you will avoid making the same mistakes everyone has made in the past,” Matthew says. It’s well known every business will have problems and plateaus but imagine having someone you can email or hop on a call with to help you when you need it most, which is what Matthew tells us in his sales pitch. Matthew goes on to say that…

The third reason why people fail at business is they focus on the wrong thing. They don’t focus too much on getting sales but on layout, design, and other factors. So, when you are just starting your business, Matthew explains you should focus on getting clients to convert leads and all the other stuff that will generate sales…it’s that simple! Then, once you get sales, you can invest money into hiring people to take care of all the stuff other than the MOST important, sales. Now, let’s move on to number 4,

Matthew says another main reason people will fail is that they try to do all the small chores themselves rather than hire someone to take care of them. You see, when you are running an ecommerce store, you will have so many small things which do pop up, and you must know how to prioritize them accordingly, so hire employees, contractors or even virtual assistants to handle all of those so you can worry about scaling your business. Next is the LACK of self-belief in what you are doing; for example, deep down, you think you cannot accomplish what you are setting out to do! The fact is that your thought process is more self-conscious than it is conscious. You will NOT be able to conquer what you have set out to do until you have not trained your mind by setting goals and believing you can achieve them. Now, Matthew says there are two ways to beat this method of thinking…

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First, you have to set goals and complete them 1-by-1. Secondly, you must also visualize as you complete each goal. Finally, you have to see yourself conquering them…it’s that simple! And now, we come to the final reason why you will fail.

Matthew says, “it’s because you are distracted while building your online store and business. You keep checking your emails and social media accounts, picking up the phone and accepting phone calls. In essence, these short micro interruptions stop you from performing your BEST. Studies show that if you are distracted, it will take you 15+ minutes to get back on track if you do go off track. If this theory is true, consider how many hours you lose by checking your text messages, etc.”

Time blocking can help, which has worked excellently for Matthew Lepre, who has been utilizing this strategy ever since. For example, suppose you are working on Goog or Facebook ads. In that case, you will focus on this task for 90 minutes and shut off all your distractions until you have completed these tasks. Of course, this means shutting down your phone and social media accounts too. Then, after you have completed your 90 minutes, you can focus 15 minutes on your social media before jumping into another 90-minute block focusing on some other important task for your business. Then, it’s all about consistency, meaning working on your business daily is essential while understanding what slow you down. Find ways always to move forward, and you will be successful beyond your wildest dreams.

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