Before, Leila Hormozi Was A Hot Mess

Leila Hormozi runs a website called with her husband, Alex. Leila is now a millionaire, but before she was, she was a bit of a party animal between the ages of  16 to 21. She doesn’t have great memories of her being in middle school because she remembers being teased as she was “fat and ugly.” Then before her freshman year, she transformed by taking her glasses and braces off, before losing approximately 15 pounds. Her body even underwent a transformation process during this time, and things started moving more in the RIGHT direction. So, after all of this, the following started to happen:

Everyone wanted Leila Hormozi at their parties which kind of backfired because she slowly got addicted to that feeling of self-importance. She says, “before high school, I was ignored so much that when it all changed, I loved it to a point where I couldn’t say NO to invites. I also started to throw parties myself when my parents were out of town”. However, all of this had a massive toll on her because within 18 months; she was arrested six (6) times. And her academic studies started to slip with everything slowly going out of control. Finally, when she got arrested for the last time, the police didn’t take her back to her dorm room but to her parents.

Leila’s parents decided not to lecture her but tell her the truth about what scared them the MOST: they were afraid she was going to die doing what she was doing. This was a major wake-up call for Leila. She said, “I felt so bad about everything I was putting my parents through. I had an amazing dad, and I was being selfish about my own personal needs. I had everything I needed, like a room over my head and food on the table, so I had no excuses to make something out of myself. Also, I thought hard about the fact that if I continue to do what I’m doing, I would be absolutely NOWHERE in five (5) years from now” So, Leila had a choice, keep doing what she is doing, or it’s time for her to turn her life around…what will it be?

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Leila decided to change her life around, so she stopped partying and became driven by self-development. She started going to the gym and got rid of all the bad influences in her life. She got her grades back on track. Leila says she was lonely during this time because all she knew was to hang out and party; now, she has decided to go in a completely different direction. However, she needed to do this to make a change for the better. So, what else did Leila do? Well,

She was listening to Tony Robbins repeatedly, where she learned a valuable lesson: “if you don’t want to be like everyone else, then you have to stop doing the same things as everyone else.” At this point, I decided to move out of my dorm room and found an apartment on my own because I had to get away from partying and drinking. Not only that, it was essential to get away from the negative people in my life because I didn’t want to be like any of them. In the end,

Leila made a considerable sacrifice, but she knew the changes she made would pay off in the end. She wanted to accomplish what others would at 40-50 years old, but she wanted to do it by 30. Keep in mind that no one will change your life for you because you are responsible for your own life. Not even family will do this for you, and this is what propelled Leila propelled her forward to get outta that mess. Also, click the orange button to LEARN more about her favourite program.