Leadific Review: Is It Legit? What’s Reddit Say?

The Modern Millionaires are these two guys named Abdul Samad and Chance Welton. These guys have a new software out called Leadific, and they claim using this app can make you enormous money. “The cool thing about this app is that it doesn’t require you to put much effort in,” says Chance. Here’s what I want to know, are these guys just boasting to sell you a dream so they can get your 5K or 30K mastermind? Anyways, the Leadific app costs around $299.00 per month, and that’s if you can avoid some of the upsells these guys are pushing. Here’s my review of the Leadific app and my opinion if they are actually offering any value.

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Chance and Abdul market their Leadific application as an all-in-one CRM (customer relationship management). They say this app is perfect for growing your digital marketing agency. The key is to utilize all the solutions this app provides to generate more leads for your customer. Check out the 1-page website headline: “Quickly jump into sales and begin to generate revenue for your business.” I guess they are saying that if you have a digital marketing agency, this Leadific app is powerful enough to help you take it to another level. With that said,

I am wondering: why is it speaking to agency owners when it claims to help small brick-and-mortar businesses scale? For example, should it not market to the local plumber? How can they get more calls and generate more leads? Or, the local real estate agent, how can Leadific help them sell more homes by finding more customers? Anyways, I think I know what is going on. Chance and Abdul have built this app for you so that you can sell it to the local plumber, roofer, and accountant as a SaaS (software as a service, that is) they can use on their own. To be honest, I have reviewed training programs and software like this before, and honestly, small businesses can pull enormous value from this if they are doing it the right way. For example, Leadific can organize all their contacts and data nicely/neatly in one place. Oh, and did I mention that through this app, you can quickly build landing pages, funnels and websites? This app will also help them follow up with potential customers and help them book appointments too. I have gone through the entire app, and you can do many things, which all depend on the requirements of your business. But why doesn’t the Leadific sales page mention any of this? And why are they only promoting to current Modern Millionaires students? Well,

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I hope I am not too. So, I decided to check out what Reddit was saying and here’s what I found. People were going back and forth with some feeling something was definitely off. Someone named Medastrike raised some excellent points: He says, “These guys lure you in by making things seem so easy, like signing up businesses and earning that $299 from them. They say a business would have to download the app and fill in 4 lines (lol).” Mediastrike then says that Chance claims he is making 60K per month from businesses he works with. If this thing is so good, why not keep it for themselves, right?.”

Anyways, from what I read, Chance and Abdul say they are promoting Leadific because they want it to grow faster by partnering with people instead of hiring employees. “All it takes is 5 hours a week, and you can keep 100% of the profit,” says Abdul. But here’s the thing: if these guys want the Leadific app to grow fast, why would they let you keep 100% of the profit?… lol I think the reason he says all this is to trick you because it’s much easier to get you to pay to be a partner with them..right? (this is not good…just be honest). With that said,

With everything I have read, it’s simple to conclude that it’s easier to bring on partners who pay for the app than to find paying clients. These guys want to take your money, and you take all risks in making it work for you. Finally, you understand that you will be paying these guys to learn how to use the Leadific app (so, in other words), you will be indebted to them. This is a huge “red flag” for me and should be for you too. Finally, if these guys get a lot of people to sign up, do you really think they will continue to keep 100% of the profit? Lol.

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