Land Profit Generator Review (Jack And Michelle Bosch)

There is a husband and wife couple, Jack and Michelle Bosch, who are behind the very popular Land Profit Generator. Supposedly, this business is considered the number one incubator of land-flipping businesses in the country today. However, just like any business you think of being part of, you want to know if this business is legit. Is this business that will help you learn, grow and scale a land-flipping business? Also, I wonder how much does this business cost? To learn all the answers, continue reading my Land Profit Generator review.

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Anyways, let’s get started and answer the most common question: What is land flipping? “It’s a method my wife and I came up with years ago where we find people who can no longer afford their piece of land and want to get rid of it. Some of these people are just ready to sell, so we purchase it from them,” says Jack. Once the owner agrees to sell, we put it under contract and pay something like $0.25 on the dollar. Jack says the key is to get plots of land valued between $5,000 to $200,000. These are the sweet spots, and you can make some serious ROI. What happens next…?

We sell these lands we acquired using one of the two strategies. First, you connect with a wholesaler and establish communication between the seller and wholesaler. In this type of deal, you will get a commission for the deal. The good thing about this deal is that you don’t have to risk your money. The second method is seller financing to create cash flow from land flipping. Currently, husband and wife have done more than 4,000 deals. Ok, so now…what are some advantages of land flipping and this business model? This model provides you with everything you love about real estate but without the complexity. For example,

You can make approximately 700% ROI without worrying about tenants, trash, toilets, etc. It is said that land flipping is a blue ocean opportunity, unlike the houses. With this process, you can make as much as flipping homes or even more WITHOUT the extensive competition. Also, you don’t have to worry about using your money or having good credit. Jack and Michelle also say what they present is perfect for beginners, and you don’t have to see the land before getting involved. (sounds fascinating). So, now you are probably wondering why would people want to sell their land. Well, Jack says there are several reasons.

Land Profit Generator Review: Jack and Michelle Bosch Scam?


First, people are sick of paying taxes on their land, which are getting higher each year. Not to mention the cost of maintenance is going higher too. It’s just becoming a headache for people to afford these pieces of land. With all of these costs, the land doesn’t generate any cash flow for them, plus they haven’t gone up in value either. Secondly, some people want to sell because of life circumstances like a divorce, someone losing their job and needing money. Third, maybe someone wanted to build on it but changed their mind, so they want to eliminate it. Now, investors and home-building companies are willing to buy this piece of land and pay you good money for it. Anyways,

What is the key strategy to find people or contractors to persuade people to buy and sell these pieces of land? Jack and Michelle say they have created software to streamline the entire process. Using this software, they can connect buyers and sellers. You have to push a few buttons, and a direct message goes out to prospects. “From my research, 5% to 10% will call you back; you just have to make them the right offer. Come up with some terms, and in the contract, write that you need 6-7 weeks to find a buyer, and the software will help you do this too.“

Now the Land Profit Generator will work with you to answer all your questions. They will also provide the tools, resources and support you need to close your first deal. With practice, you will get better and become a star too. Do you want to know the cost of this training and software? The cost is $2,497 (one-time). Or you can put down $997 today and make three (3) monthly installments of $549. After completing the payments, you must pay around $197/mo to continue using the software. This is like a subscription fee, etc.

So here are three (3) concerns I have. The first one is that if the most challenging thing is finding deals to close on and the duo has software to help them…why are they sharing this with us? Secondly, how much money will the direct marketing and tools cost me and cut into my margin? Third, if these deals end up taking months to close…I’m sure I will lose interest…won’t I? The real estate business always scares me because of the money involved, and one lousy deal can put me in serious debt. This is my personal opinion.

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