Kingdom Business Incubator Review (Paul Bocco)

Paul Bocco says your mindset is more important than your business. Your mindset fuels your business as long as you are focused and know what you want to conquer in life. You see, Paul says, “As long as your mindset is right. You can be successful in almost any you do. Furthermore, the Bible says whatever we put our hands to prospers.” Ultimately, Paul says he wants you to be wealthy financially, healthy, happy, and more. Let’s find out what Paul Bocco has planned to make you wealthy. Scroll down for my review of the Christian Business Incubator.

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Paul wants you to exercise the Will of God. This means applying your mind to things that make a difference. You have to be adaptable and be able to make changes when the going get’s tough. I guess Paul is trying to change the way you think here. He is trying to strengthen your mindset so you can achieve your goals and dreams and give back to others. Let’s continue…

After researching this training, I guess Paul refers to the Bible when discussing the owner’s manual for life. The Bible has everything you need to change your mindset, furthermore aligning you with whatever you desire. However, Paul says, “If you don’t use this user manual God provided us, you will waste your opportunity to achieve more. God will then move on to the next person. This means you would have died and gone to heaven with so much left that you could have achieved, but you didn’t because you wimped out.” So, now what is Paul offering us…

He will transform your mindset through his course called the Christian Business Incubator (or CBI for short). Also, you will have a team help you with your business model (whatever you’re involved in) and mentorship so you can start making money. Paul says, “We built something called the Incubator to give you a complete blueprint but also train your mind to be focused and become stronger over time. Then, we bring in a mentor to boost your mindset and scale whatever business you are trying to scale.” So, what’s included in CBI –

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You get a six-module video course and access to the training anytime. You can access this training from anywhere in the world (any device). You can even watch the videos at your pace. The course has checkpoints to hold yourself accountable whenever you fail to complete training. But, Paul says, “It’s just a few weeks which are standing in the way of your business becoming successful and you earning 20K per month.” Also, Paul will introduce you to a real-estate portion of his course and teach you everything. He’ll teach you how to do virtual showings, call back interested prospects, find tenants, and more. “It’s that simple,”…says Paul.

Essentially, Paul is saying that making money does NOT have to be confusing; we make it confusing, according to him. If you decide to participate in the real estate training, Paul will give you all the email swipes, scripts, and text blasts. Oh, his team will even take some calls for you to help you out so you can hear them learn from them. Paul says, “Here’s the bottom line, if you watch the videos and read from a script, you will be a millionaire when you apply this business model. With that said,

I have heard about real estate training before, and I think it’s always a sure bet because the return is massive. You make thousands per transaction. Think about it, 1-2 transactions per month; you can quickly bring in 10K to 20K. Some of the world’s wealthiest people have made money in real estate, so the potential is unlimited. Again, Paul will show you everything you need to know, like which markets to go into and what VA to hire, and he even handles the repetitive stuff like e-signature agreements, etc. Now, to learn more about the Kingdom Business Incubator cost, Paul would like you to call him. But, before you call him, check out my favourite program by clicking the orange button.

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