Kindle Publishing Income Review (Sophie Howard)

Have you heard of the Blue Sky Amazon course? It doesn’t matter because the person behind this course is Sophie Howard. She is here with another business opportunity. In this one, you can take advantage of a “crazy loophole” allowing you to turn 2 hours of work into passive income every month. “You must put in the work once, upload it to Amazon, and make monthly money. These are easy-to-make assets that will keep things going earning you income. So, what is this opportunity, and is this even legit? I’ve researched, and here’s my Kindle Publishing Income review.

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It all came to a head when the pandemic hit because her income decreased, and Sophie wanted to find a way to supplement her physical products business. At this point, Sophie researched and came up with a way to create highly leveraged income still using Amazon. With this method, she didn’t even have to ship any tangible products, so she tested the entire process for about a year until she got the results she’s confident will work and can now teach you. Sophie claims to be making thousands of dollars using her mystery method on Amazon (again, this is a claim). Let’s continue,

So, Sophie claims this method is much faster and easier than other stuff she has done before. “You should look at this like an investment, but I promise you the returns are going to be higher than those from the stock market or in real estate,” says Sophie. What I gather from what she is saying is that when Sophie puts in a grand to Amazon, she expects to get that exact amount back every single month. Again, you do the work once, and that’s it. So, what is this again? I guess from the name, you can understand it’s Kindle publishing. Anyways,

Kindle Publishing Income Review


She says this is a business with very little competition, and it’s easy to make a sale. You don’t need special skills or a website to get started. It’s also very hands-off, and NO experience is required. If you say to yourself, “I’m not a writer,” Sophie has just the correct answer for you; she says you don’t have to write them (even if she doesn’t) because you can outsource people to write these for you. According to Amazon (of course), there are currently 1K+ people making six figures a year publishing books on Kindle, so Sophie says it’s a fantastic time to get started. Think about this too…she says,

We are stuck at home more using our phones. We are bored! People want to read and mentally escape to another place; one way to do this is through books. No wonder this industry is estimated to be worth 16.6 billion dollars. Plus Sophie will teach you how to do this one demand. What does this mean? Well, you will be researching the keywords people are typing into Amazon (searching) then you will go out and create something better. Someone else will write the entire book for you, and there is NO approval process. You list your book, and you collect what comes in. Oh, you don’t have to worry about attending any book signings.

Use Kindle Direct Publishing once your eBook is written. So, upload your document, add a cover, a description, and you’re ready to go. Seriously, within five (5) minutes, you can be live and running with millions of views on your eBook. The best thing about this business model, says Sophie is that you only pay Amazon after you have completed a sale. You pay them 30% and keep 70%, and they do all the work…lol.

Sophie has some advice for you. To attain the best success doing what she is with Kindle. Write books covering evergreen topics with no expiration date. So what’s popular now will continue to be popular in a few months/years from now. Some fantastic examples are books on potty training, dog training, organizing your goods, etc. The more you upload, the more you can make every single month. In terms of cost..Sophie’s Kindle Publishing Income course costs approximately two thousand five hundred dollars (there may be upsells along the way, so be careful of those).

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