Kevin Harrington Ambassador Program Review

So who is the MOST shrewd person on the show Shark Tank? Many would say it’s a guy named Kevin Harrington. Many entrepreneurs would say this is the RIGHT quality they want in their business partner because this way, things will get done. If you believe being shrewd is vital, you can partner with him and his team through the Ambassador Program. By joining the program, you will become an advocate for their brand, products, and the services they offer. Now, for you to get a better understanding of this training program, scroll down to read my overview.

First, let’s meet Brain Harrington, Kevin’s son, who runs the Ambassador Program operations. He says, “When you join the program, you will get a chance to help each other grow your businesses and make money in the process. You scale your business with the RIGHT tools and have a chance to build your network too.” In short, he says that this is the RIGHT program for you if you want to avoid the common mistakes that businesses make when starting out. You get to LEARN from a Shark, someone who has been through it all, and he will share his lessons with you. Now, I know you are wondering what EXACTLY we offer in this program…right?

Brian explains, “you get everything my dad (Keven) has put his name on and worked hard for. You get web design, ad campaigns, video content, you’ll learn how to scale, and even get consulting for small businesses.” So he’s pretty much saying you get the total package. Brian says there is much more like advisory services, and Kevin will even film with you in a fancy TV studio. So, now I have to be honest…

How much money can you make through this junk of a program? And I say junk because I have seen and been part of better programs. They claim your commission will be between 5%-20% of the revenue you collect after doing some real work. Now, this is some great commission, but I’m unclear about what we will do, so this makes things even harder…right? Next, Brian says you can make $5,000 from selling their $25,000 Digital Launch Package (WOW). To make this package even more enticing when selling it to your clients, they get to be a part of Kevin’s Get Down To Business TV show. Oh, this is not FREE because they need to pay $10,000, with a commission of 20% in your pocket, to give you $2k for the referral. Here’s what I think…

It’s all crap you’ll be promoting when you join…LOL. And, hopefully, these guys pay you because I didn’t hear anything about a referral tracking system, etc. I mean…do they even have a sound logistics system in place? So, one more time, you get all their content and training library with discounts on events. Finally, they have a

lead generation system, a website you can have, and even a video from Kevin for your marketing (WHATEVER). So, now I want to know what these guys offer besides money. Well, Brian said the following, which I’ll summarize for you:

He says many people come to them for advice when starting their own business…but they are NOT ready to start. We are the foundation for them and help them take that step forward. The Ambassador Program is a consulting service and a way for people to promote their course for them (FREE). Think about it; you will go to them for help and, in exchange, recommend their program to others. They can save on all the marketing costs by just you promoting the product for them (clever)

Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington on GrapeStars Potential: Video


So, here’s the thing, according to some websites that have reviewed the program, you have to pay $20,00, which is tough for those people getting started. Plus, there is no guarantee of results (but I understand there is none in business). So, anyways, this program is a dump. I recommend you avoid it at all costs because you have to invest a lot of money upfront. I’m still unclear about the program’s value to you and your business. Oh, and I’m sure a lot of the stuff they teach can probably be found online for FREE. For example, check out my favourite program by clicking on the orange button.