Mikey Kass $17 Shopify Store Review – Is This Legit?

Mikey Kass is one of a kind, and he has convinced his team to give away eight (8) prebuilt Shopify stores. Supposedly these stores are EXACT duplicates of stores that already make money for him. For example, these stores have the same design, products, themes, pages, and more. Some of his stores make around 300K per month which is insane. Mikey says, “You can get one of these stores for $17.00.” Personally, this sounds way too good to be true…right? As always, I will hear him out, so read on for my Mikey Kass review.

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It is said that Mikey, over the last four (4) years he’s been doing drop shipping, has pocketed close to seven (7) figures. What helped him out was the pandemic. How? Because many people were forced to shop online in a weird way, he thanks the pandemic (which I think is disgusting because many people were also sick during this time). So, what happened is Mikey and his team have been focusing on their highest-earning stores but have forgotten about a handful of them…eight, to be exact. Mikey says this is a shame because they all make money, but he doesn’t have time to work on them. However, he also says this is an opportunity for us because he is giving them away. These stores have been tested thoroughly, for example, the logos, text, colour, and more. Mikey is ready to hand these stores over to someone for $17.00. Ok, great, let’s


Mikey says, “These stores are plug n’play and ready to go. Once you purchase one of these stores, we will transfer them to you. And again, we only have eight (8) of these stores to give away and want to hand a store to someone serious about drop shipping.”

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Here’s what I think: this is a pretty sweet deal, especially if you go back a few months; Mikey’s stores would have cost a few thousand dollars. (Some say around $10,000) But now, for around $17.00, you can get one of his stores. Mikey continues, “This is a fantastic opportunity for you to make 10K and 100K doing dropshipping.

Now, here’s the thing, I want to believe what Mikey is saying, but why would he give you a store making thousands of dollars a month for just $17 bucks…lol….weird. Also, Mikey is making enough money to hire people to look after some of the stores he and his team can’t update, especially if these stores are still in a prime state. For example, these guys should hire an overseas VA or something…I would! The one thing that sticks out the most is the following:

Mikey Kass has been promoting this offer on social media and through ads. I’ve been seeing his ads for some time now. You see,  he’s giving away one of these stores in these ads, but how come no one has bought one, or how come all eight haven’t been sold by now? I mean, this is an opportunity I’m sure people would have taken within a few minutes…right? I think these guys have more than eight (8) stores and are selling them repeatedly, flooding the market. Anyways, if this is the case, you have to think about the following –

If he is building stores for people who buy his $17.00 Shopify store, what will happen if he runs out of good niches and everyone has to compete against each other? Next, how will Mikey control saturation? I’m sure people can expect some upsells once they join, so how much will they have to spend for one of these stores once everything is said and done? Finally, Mikey’s Ecom Good Life course can be purchased for $494.00; you can also purchase some higher coaching with this. Should you buy the store, it may be a good idea since it’s $17.00, but at this point, I would avoid buying the course because his marketing methods are a huge turnoff, so I don’t know how much this guy can be trusted. With that said, if eCommerce is not for you, you have other more straightforward ways to make money which you should check out by clicking the orange button. Oh, the orange button will take you to my favourite program.

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