Karla Marie Amazon Digital: Marketing Matters

Many people have discussed Kindle Digital (Publishing) as a great way to make additional income. Karla Marie is a big fan of this business model and agrees that it can be a cash cow when set up the right way. Karla has set up something called Fiction Profits Academy, where she will walk you through the entire process of how you can make money from Amazon Kindle. You can even do this if you write the books or feel like hiring someone to do the work for you. “What makes this program and my students is they approach it as marketers and not just authors.” Anyways, read on for my detailed Fiction Profits Academy review.

Karla says I have encountered many different types of people through my journey. Some people want to write books or have others write them and hope they will sell themselves. However, some know the power of marketing. For example, some understand it’s about getting the content in front of the right audience, which generates all the sales. So it’s not about writing the best or highest engaging books but more about getting your material in front of the right people. “I have helped people create and optimize Facebook ads, and their books started to generate sales 10x compared to nothing being spent on ads.” But here are a few things to keep in mind…

Karla has noticed how the landscape for Kindle Publishing has changed, and it’s a bit more tricky. Before you publish a book, Amazon will drive all the traffic you need to generate sales. However, with more competition, the landscape has now changed. This doesn’t mean there is NO money to be made; you have to be flexible. “I think competition is good because it indicates that this model is still viable. The competition also tells you what niches and books you should focus on for the most profit.“ Let’s continue,

Fiction Profits Academy Review (Karla Marie Program)


I get what Karla is saying because if you create books but don’t market them, you will be doing your readers (audience) a disservice by not allowing them to see what’s available. “I know many of you are scared to do marketing because you think it’s slimy or tough, but trust me when I say it can do wonders when it’s a well-oiled machined,” says Karla. She believes in getting the books in front of readers so they have something to stay entertained with. (I like that thought process). So,

Now, What is the best way to market your books? It’s all about building relationships. The key is understanding, creating and building an audience to engage with them. When you do this…you can use what you learned to get their feedback, for example, what they liked about your book or didn’t. Also, I guess by gathering all this data, you will have a clear focus on the stuff you should be writing. Marketing is only slimy when you only think of it as marketing. Still, when you understand the information it can bring (gather), you will love it. (I totally agree). Now,

It’s important not to trick Amazon’s algorithm because this will backfire and may get your account banned. Karla clearly says, ”My Fiction Profits Academy isn’t about making quick money but putting something profitable into place long-term. I want you to build a business you are passionate about.” After, she explains that when you create ads, don’t expect them to start generating sales immediately. You have to put in effort for the first few weeks. Why? Well…

You have to think about things from the creative to the ad’s headline and the body. It’s all about generating emotions from your ads. It’s about giving them the same feeling they would have read your book but in your ad this time. You see, this is what will get people to click and purchase your eBook. Karla says, “A lot of the people I know don’t care about this, so when they run ads, they don’t make any money doing it.” You can turn $1 into $10 through paid ads and keep it moving forward, creating a money-making machine. Anyways, if you are passionate about this niche and a strong writer, click the orange button.

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