The Multifamily Masterplan Review (Jullien Gordon)

Today, I will talk about a dude named Jullien Gordon (aka Mr. Multifamily) who comes from a place of privilege. But, the main lesson is to get to the stage he is in his life right now; he had to break away from the privileged mindset. This was tough, especially when he was the son of two (2) doctors. But, when studying for his MBA, he realized something important…

“Our education system is developed to keep you in this circle. It’s designed to make you a lifeline employee.“ he says. Now, I understand we need employees, but I learned over time that having one (1) source of income can be dangerous, and you will never be your own boss (very sad).

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To escape this vicious circle, Jullien’s started to purchase multifamily homes, with his first one in Brooklyn, New York. This one was a three-story family home. Did you know he never pays a housing expense (mortgage or rent)…how? Because all of these fees are paid by his tenants. Jullien has built a portfolio of 30 properties, with them increasing. He doesn’t like the term real estate mogul but prefers to be called an entrepreneur. Now,

Before he got into real estate and started the so-called #MultifamilyMovement, he founded The Freedom School. What is this? The Freedom School is an online university that teaches students to convert their intelligence into making an income by building a business. I don’t know how Jullien did it because he wrote multiple books, the most recent being Rich & Righteous). He’s also been on TED Talk multiple times, hosting live events, launching a mastermind, and still making time for his family. (wow).

Ok, let’s talk about multifamily real estate a bit more. People want to know why he recommends what he does compare to the traditional fix, slips, or wholesaling. Well, it’s because Jullien says, “because people are always looking to rent out homes, and you never run out of these types of people. Renting homes means you will always have cash flow coming in. Finally, what multi-family properties are more affordable for people too.“ I know what Jullien means because instead of managing five (5) homes all over the city, it’s much easier to manage five (5) units under a single roof. And I’ve even read the tax benefits are amazing!

The Multifamily Masterplan Review (Jullien Gordon)


Here’s a guarantee that worries me; Jullien says when you buy with multifamily, you will generate millions over time. And, then, he says it’s one of the MOST guaranteed or proven methods in real estate investing. So, now Jullien says he can help through his Multifamily Masterplan. This plan is a three (3) training course where you will work with Jullien, and he’ll show you how to buy your first investment. Then, he will show you how to purchase your first multifamily unit so you can start your journey toward rent freedom. Through this rental income, you can pay debts, credit card bills, student loans, and even medical bills.

Once you have completed the course, you will know how to buy multifamily homes without wasting money. You will also learn how to find the BEST off-market deals with a current cash flow out of your city, and even do this remotely from anywhere in the world. Jullien also says he will tweak your negotiating skills so you can purchase multifamily homes for up to  $25,000 off the asking price when it comes time to close the deal. Finally, you will learn so much more too. Oh, Jullien also coaching calls held weekly. Jullien also promotes his Purchase Or Pass Deal Analyzer software as unique, and you get this in the Multifamily Masterplan training. Ok, so now everyone probably wants to know…

How much does The Multifamily Masterplan program cost? The one-time fee is $3,997, but you also have the option to make 12-monthly payments of $399. Here’s the funny thing, if you sign up by clicking a link in his ads and take the time to sit through his training, you can join for a discounted price of $1,497. Now, I like how Jullien is straightforward and transparent about his offer. In real estate, you can make a lot of money. I wish he were quieter on the guarantees because he makes big ones. I don’t do real estate, but I’m all for a different training involving less work but endless opportunities… click the link below to learn more.

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