Julie Reynolds Reviews (YouTube Academy)

Have you dreamed of being a master recruiter for a marketing business? Julie Reynolds claims she can help you get started and do very well simultaneously. Clearly, you’re not doing cold messaging because that can be boring. So what is her secret sauce, and how can you successfully use it? It’s YouTube!

You see, Julie brings in around 5-7 builders every month and earns around $17,000 for her company, Modere. The cool thing is most of the people coming in are brought in from FREE videos she uploads onto YouTube. I’m sure you want to know what unique videos are these…right? Julie says, “These are videos that attract people to buy my products, so drop 5 pounds with Modere or check out these unbelievable results with Modere! The point is I create videos to attract people to my products.” Julie says the point behind her strategy is to create videos that appear in the search results when you type specific products into Google or YouTube.

It’s incredible how much FREE traffic can be brought in through YouTube and Google. You need to know what people are searching and you can target your content creation to include these high-volume keywords…it’s impressive! Now, Julie says she has done her research and can tell you that YouTube is the social media network to focus on. “Unlike other networks like Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok, where your post will be hot for like 15 minutes, videos have some serious staying power,” says Julie. Also, from my own experience, videos always get views and are relevant, so people keep watching your material. Julie creates videos selling her products and provides an option for the most serious prospects to reach out through a link left in the comment box.

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Julie asks, “Isn’t this a much more effective smarter way to generate customers for your business?.” Honestly, it does sound great to me, but I’m sure it is much more complicated than she makes it seem. Let’s continue,

Currently, Julie posts one (1) new video every single week. Some of her videos are short, while some are longer, with an average running time of 2-3 minutes. Whenever Julie has time, she will post longer videos, around 8-10 minutes, but it’s very rare because these require enormous editing. Julie says, “The key, no matter what length of the video, you have to have a call to action like “click here,” “message me,” “go here to grab you,” etc. When you add a call to action, people know what to do next, and you generate leads. But, you see,

The problem that many people have is that they don’t know what to say in these videos. This is where Julie can help because her team will curate most of the content for you. In short, when you curate content, you rewrite what someone else said to improve it, providing more VALUE. But here’s another thing,

What if being in front of the camera makes you sweat and nervous? How do you get around this feeling? Or what happens if you are an introvert? In short, what happens if you don’t feel comfortable about it…what do you do then?

Unfortunately, when Julie sells her YouTube Academy for Network Marketers for $497, she doesn’t answer these questions. She doesn’t tell you what you can do to ease that uncomfortable feeling, and you are left in the dark. I guess her thing is you have to power through it, which may not be the answer for everyone else. Now,

The fact that Julie didn’t address this question is where it falls apart for me. If you are the extrovert, outgoing type, I would recommend buying this course because creating videos would not be an issue. However, this course may not be the right choice for you. I have a better option where you stay behind the scenes and don’t have to be in front of any cameras.