Jim Kwik Masterclass Review

Jim Kwik has one focus: to help people learn quickly. “I believe the best leaders read a lot and that reading is to your mind what exercise to your body,” says Jim. Jim wants to know if you have too much to read but no time available. And if the books on your shelf are sitting there collecting dust. The key is to have laser-type focus so you consume material quickly, so he has teamed up with Mindvalley to create a brand new masterclass. Before you decide to join, scroll down to read my Super Reading review.

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When you watch Jim’s YouTube ad, you will be given free training for around 15 minutes on speed reading. This class is hosted by Mindvalley. Once you attend this free training and learn about Jim’s secret method, you can join his complete Super Reading masterclass (also by Mindvalley). Now, in terms of cost, the training is $349, or you can split the payments into three (3), which equals approximately $129 each. Finally, you can buy a Mindvalley membership which costs $499 annually. The benefit of this membership is that it locks Super Reading and all the other stuff Mindvalley offers.

Jim says, “Imagine the power you would have if you could read and internalize one book per week. This is around 52 books per year which is amazing.” Then he says, imagine if you could retain everything you just read and have the energy/focus while reading. Just think about the overall confidence you would have because of all the knowledge you have gained. I would love this feeling knowing how much information I have stored in my mind…. wouldn’t you? Anyways,

Kwik Reading | Read 300% Faster in 21 Days | Jim Kwik - The World's #1  Brain Coach


The point is that Super Reading gives you the tools to make this possible. In short, it will take you from shelf-help to self-help (I like this phrase). It’s a 21-day program promising to triple your reading speed in just 10 minutes per day. Plus, you will be more focused with an exceptional retention rate, and this training will also increase your overall enjoyment level. Jim says, “It’s time to end the lie that you are a slow reader, which is why you are not smart enough.”

Jim says, “Our goal is to take you through a simple, fun, and effective process so we can build a new you. It’s about changing your beliefs. You see, the problem is that many of us haven’t had any training since public school, which makes it insufficient to get us through the world we live in now.” So, Jim has created a program called Super Reading to condense 25 years of teaching in this training. Everything has been researched, and they have done their tests (they claim), which has shown things work amazingly well. “The results are amazing,” says Jim. Again Super Reading will change the way you think, take in information, apply it, and use the material to give you an edge over everyone else!

Anyways, Super Reading is training which doesn’t take time but gives you time back. Think about it, you are saving hours in your day, and when your 21 days are complete, you will be a speed reader. “You can go through the first ten days for free, which is the Mindvalley masterclass,” says Jim. Listen, spending money on becoming a better reader is a good investment. But the problem is that once you are enrolled, I am sure these guys will try and push more products on you to get you to spend more. That’s my opinion.

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