Jeremy Murphy Reviews (Digital Tentmakers)

Running Facebook ads for local businesses can be tricky; however, you can LEARN this essential skill set by having the RIGHT mentor by your side. Jeremy Murphy is one person who has the RIGHT skill set, and he can show you how to dominate these ad networks, and you DON’T need any experience to do it. With this skill set, you can make between $3- to $5k a month and think about what you can do with this type of income. You can pay off your debts, save for retirement, or even take a dream vacation. Ultimately, it’s up to you what you want to do, but your aim should be to keep scaling this business to $10k monthly and beyond. And, here’s how you are going to do it.

So, Jeremy Murphy followed his passion and has been working in the ministry for 22 years. He has been a Lead Pastor for 13 and is also married with kids. If you ask those close to him, they would say Jeremy has a hectic life, but even with everything going on, he has been able to build, scale, and sell a 7-figure Facebook ads marketing agency. And recently, he founded Digital Tentmakers, where we work with people at his church to become entrepreneurs. He does this by teaching them his business; it doesn’t matter how much experience they have because some have done exceptionally well after learning what he knows. Jeremy loves helping these people because some were living check to check; however, they have been able to change their lives by putting in some hard work. You can do it too!

Jeremy Murphy (@jeremy_murphy) / Twitter


Now, here’s a little history about Jeremy. Before starting Digital Tentmakers, he did all these different types of remote work and side hustles. But, even though he had difficulty finding work and being successful early, he realized through his experience that the only way to quickly create an additional income for yourself is to start a service-based business. And did you know that thanks to the internet, you can do this more quickly than ever? The internet has allowed you to start a service business from any location, and it’s flexible enough to fit around your lifestyle/timing. Jeremy LEARNED how to use different ad platforms and settled on Facebook because he had the BEST results in securing leads. Why leads? Well,

Jeremy says, “Leads bring in potential customers, and this is the lifeblood of every business I have been involved in. This has never been more true than with local business”. And now that I have had a chance to think about it, just around your house a few miles, you have dentists, real estate agents, gyms, roofing contractors, and more. These businesses all run off customers booking service calls with them. You can find customers through word of mouth or by quickly generating leads through ad platforms like Facebook. Jereme says that Facebook ads are the “Tentmaker Business.’”

So, now I know you have some concerns, the first being that Facebook is an old advertising network…right? Using YouTube, Google, or TikTok is probably the safer bet. However, Jeremy has researched and thinks that Facebook will still be around for a long time. Also, there are still many people using these networks. For example, Facebook still offers powerful targeting options and allows you to build custom audiences to expand your advertising reach. Not to mention that even though many people are using Facebook for their business, they don’t know enough about actually using their business page to generate leads, etc.


Now, you are about to signup for Jeremey’s program because you want to LEARN everything he knows, but you still have questions like: How much can you make? Jeremy claims you can make $1500 per month per client, so 5 clients can make you $7500…awesome…right? So then, you continue to scale and build from there, maybe hiring some people/partners. As a matter of fact, Jeremy has a partner named Alejandro Reyes, who is a Facebook ads guru and is willing to show you some cool things if you sign up for the course.


Jeremy’s course is NOT just outdated material like courses or study guides. His program requires hard work, and you have to implement what he teaches, or you will NOT succeed. The program is hands-on, with the goal being to have you land your first paying client in 30-60 days from the date of enrollment. Jeremy doesn’t mention any cost, so you have to contact him about that. I have one more concern: Facebook bans your account…then what? I encourage you to check out my other favorite program below (click the orange button)