Make Real Estate Real Review (Jemal King)

What’s funny about Jemal King is that he claims he plays Monopoly (in real life). Now, if you have interested in real estate, and are trying to figure out a way to get into it, then Jemal may be your man. He says he can help you build generational wealth because he has the blueprint, the team, and the accountability to help you network with the right people. Oh, the best thing about his training is you don’t even need any experience or skills to get started. I’m sure many of you want to know…

Is Jemal King’s Real Estate Real course any good? And, how much do you have to spend to get started…well…scroll down for my Jemal King review.

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Anyways, the story goes when Jemal’s dad pointed a video camera at him and asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. The answer Jemal gave left his dad speechless. Jemal said, “I want to be a millionaire!” You see, his dad was left speechless because he didn’t see too many millionaires that looked like them (other than football players). So, Jemal made it his focus as he grew up throughout life. Did you know Jemal was an all-state in high school and even got a scholarship to play at a D1 college? But Jemal said, “4 years went by so fast, and when everything was said and done, my name wasn’t called to the Draft…this was heartbreaking.”

Anyways, what Jemal decided to do was go into the family business. Jemal became a cop like his dad, mom, and several uncles. Oh, his brother was also a police officer, so this was indeed a family business. But, one day, when he was working, a call came in for a curfew violation, so he and his partner responded. When they responded, one of the kicks started running, and Jemal, still fit from his NFL-ready days, chased and caught him. The kid pulled out a gun, barely missing Jemals head. This was something that changed his life for sure. What happens next?

Jemal had a wake-up call and knew from that day forward he was done being in the police force. Jemal was nowhere near retirement, so he needed a way to bring in the money and was thinking about his next move. Jemal spent a few weeks collecting all his bills and writing down all the bills he had. Jemal said, “Now I’m going to buy a building for each bill I have.” (WOW) He spent several months looking over 77 different properties. His first investment was a four-unit brick building for $125,000. Then, Jemal spent another $25,000 to fix up the property he had just purchased, and when he had it appraised, it was worth $280,000. That’s equity…

Make Real Estate Real Review (2022): Should You Take Jemal King's Investing Advice?


Jemal got help finding four tenants, and after the mortgage payment, he was taking in around $3000 monthly in residual income. Now, if we fast forward 18 years, the same building he purchased netted him $700,000! Jemal thought, “if this was able to work once for me, then maybe it can work again.” So, he did it again and had the same results, and if you consider all the times he did it, he was a millionaire. Oh, he did this, still working as a Chicago Police officer (different department) But, this is how he got the “9-to-5 Millionaire” nickname. Now, Jemal decided to take this one step further…how?

His mission to build generation wealth transitioned into helping others do it too. He was convinced by a mentor and invested in real estate. This was the beginning of the Make Real Estate Real course! Jemal has condensed everything he learned throughout his journey into 8-easy to follow modules that anyone can follow and apply to their own lives. In this course, you will learn how to make money from different real-estate deals, for example, wholesaling, fixing and flipping, buying and holding, etc.

Regarding pricing, the Make Real Estate Real training course costs around $997, or you can make two (2) payments of $499. You have an upsell to upgrade to the Alumni Association for masterminds and ongoing support. This upgrade will be around $97 per month. I don’t see a refund policy, and I don’t really have a problem recommending this course. But the only negative is the amount of capital required to get started. With that said, there’s a less competitive and even less complicated way to cash in… click the orange button below to find out…

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