Training With Jeff Review (Digital Real Estate)

Jeff Lerner has been talked about in many of my reviews, and I have written extensively about some of the training programs he offers. Some programs have received “POSITIVE” thumbs up from me, while others I have warned others about. Jeff now has another YouTube ad where he is looking all slick and wearing a t-shirt. In this ad which is kinda catchy in the beginning, he asks the following: “What do you think costs more, a house or a laptop? Definitely, not a house because you have to pay thousands of dollars each month to main it.” So, my main question is, where is he going with this ad? Here is my Training with Jeff review…

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After Jeff is done talking, you gather that the laptop is worth more because he has made more from it than he did with his house. For example, he says he has made just north of 80 million dollars with it (so he says), and I’m sure he had to upgrade his PC…LOL. But, still, he has made his point when you are watching his YouTube ad…which is to grab your attention. Anyways, how did he make this type of money? Well, through something called digital real estate. Jeff says, “digital real estate costs practically nothing to start and can generate recurring income every single month for you.” Then he says it definitely has the potential to as long as you put the effort in and stay on the RIGHT track. Next,

Then Jeff goes on to say that he’s surprised others have not spoken about it and have NOT pushed others to get into this tremendous opportunity. Here he’s wrong again because marketers have been talking about it for six (6) years. They’ve just rebranded it another way! We have our lead generation program, which does the EXACT same thing, but Jeff thinks he is doing something which others haven’t. His program doesn’t seem to get much buzz, and his book, The Millionaire Shortcut, has some negative reviews posted about it. In the end, his concept is borrowed, but this doesn’t matter because he is NOT the first to do it, and he won’t be the last. Let’s keep going…

Jeff Lerner is the Entre Institute. If you know Jeff’s story and read about his experience, you know he doesn’t come from a wealthy family. He didn’t make his money the old fashion way by saving it and getting paid interest until it accumulated into millions…NOPE! He invested in digital real estate and will share his SECRETS (for the first time ever) with all of you.

Jeff Lerner | The Real Life Wizard Of Oz


The sad thing is, after digging deeper into his concepts, I’ve LEARNED it’s all about his book” The Millionaire Shortcut,” but this time with a different hook to attract clients who don’t know any better. Here’s something else, Jeff tries to build urgency by saying that his book is NOT free for a long time and will be available only for a limited time. This is a lie because this formatted PDF book has been around all this time and is available online for FREE…LOL.

I don’t think he can charge for this garbage book because all that’s in the book is the following: “the fastest way to become a millionaire is to find someone who has done it and copy them” (WHATEVER). Then what does it do? It links you to the  $39.00 Entre Blueprint course. But, then, I’m sure because I have been doing this for so long, he will put you through a series of upsells, forcing you to spend even more money. Jeff is a nice guy because I’ve listened to his podcasts, but I don’t like what he sometimes pushes. Here are my final thoughts,

I hope he finds a way to be more authentic and NOT sell to people by being sneaky all the time. From my own personal experience, I and others have been way more successful in being straight up about what they are trying to do. For example, if I were trying to promote a program, I would say, “hey, here’s a FREE PDF, and I explain how finding a mentor is important to achieving ultimate success” That’s it! Anyway, everyone has their method, and the one below (when you click the orange button) is one of the best in the market RIGHT now.

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