Jeff Lerner Knows How To Save Entrepreneurship

Jeff has had enormous experience in this world and, over the years, has concluded that this world is a joke. Why? Well, he says the world (or this system) has failed us because it provides us with many basic options and tries to keep us there. You rarely find any happiness, which is why Jeff decided to go into business for himself. Jeff says, “in less than 3 years, he has a training program which has 2,000,000 students saying banks failed us, schools failed us, and even the retirement system is failing us, so these people are NOT happy”. This is a kind of depression, but before I continue, make sure you guys read the following:

How This Compares to Entre Institute

To tackle this, Jeff has created courses and training to help tackle this mentality and get the message out that things don’t have to be this way, and you have the power to change your mentality. How does he do this? Well, he has some unique methods in which he directs marketing. Still, this method is getting more complicated since big brands invest enormous money hammering you with ads and their logos until they are stained into your mind. These big brands have so much more money to spend than the average joe. Anyways

Jeff claims the big brands are trying to push the little guys out of the marketing game by changing the rules. They invest so much that search engines now cater to their needs. For example, you used to be able to use the word “you” in your marketing campaigns, but you can’t anymore. For example, as an entrepreneur, you would be able to go up to people and say, “Hey, are you struggling with weight loss?”, or “Hello, are you worried that you won’t be able to retire?” and finally, “are you feeling emotionally drained and down?”. But you see, Jeff says, “you can’t say this in your ads anymore, so you have to get a bit more creative.

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It’s weird because Jeff says you cannot speak directly to people anymore. Still, I’m unsure how accurate this is. How would you regulate something like this and stop advertisers from doing this? Anyways, he then says you can’t do anything about it because you’ll get in trouble for calling out the system for stopping you, the educational system for failing you, and the banks for suppressing you; it’ll backfire on you when it comes time for your advertising campaigns. For example, suppose your copywriters call out any of these institutions. In that case, big advertising platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc., will show your ad to fewer people, and your message will disappear. With that said,

Jeff has made it his mission to share the truth with you, and hopefully, when he does, people will be more tuned to listen to the little guy. Hopefully, by speaking against these big companies and advertising platforms that stop the truth from getting out, people will say, “wait a minute, (you) are speaking the truth and the facts.” This will lead to these people subscribing to your newsletter or even your blog, social media account, etc. Did you know Jeff has resonated with many people, which is why he claims he got a book deal? People want to follow those who speak the truth and won’t let the establishment stop them. Here are my final thoughts.

The following is the craziest video I’ve seen Jeff do so far. In this video, he whines about the big platforms complaining about his get-rich schemes, which he promotes through his ads. I think he is using this strategy to get people to feel sorry for him and to get people to support the little guy – himself. However, here’s where Jeff gets creative because he promises how people can take the so-called “millionaire shortcut” if they buy his $35.00 training course, which I’m sure he will nail you with upsells which will end up being in the thousands. Sneaky right?

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