Jeff Clark Trader Review – Can You Make Money With His Products?

Jeff Clark has a lot of experience in trading, and he wants to teach you how to profit from options trading. He has many products, including Market Minute, a free e-letter with unique insights, and Jeff Clark Trader (his flagship offer), which sells for $199. This offer will show you how to fund early retirement, and all you have to do is trade three (3) stocks per week. Jeff also has other products like to weekly publication called Earnings Trader (costs $4000) and Delta Report, which is $5,000, and teaches you how to trade riskier options. Finally, Jeff has a product called the Jeff Clark Alliance which combines all the products put together and this costs around 10K. These are a lot of products, and some of them sound very interesting, but do they work, and can you make money through them? Let’s find out now…here is my Jeff Trader review.

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I did some research, and the products I listed above are the ones I see on the website. But, once in a while, I do hear Jeff promoting something else like the following: “One Stock Retirement” or something along these lines. I found this product because one day, I was on YouTube and saw an ad with him (Jeff) promoting this product. I also think there may be many more, too…now…I want to know how legit this guy is. I mean, do you think that Jeff Clark is his real name? (who knows…right) And maybe he has done well trading stocks, but this is NOT the question you should be asking. I guess what everyone wants to know is if this guy (Jeff) can be trusted. I did research, and I did find some “red flags” which are alarming.

First, Agora Financial is the one who is pulling the strings; if you haven’t heard of them, they are one of the biggest publishers of financial newsletters in the United States. But the problem is these guys are known for their aggressive methods. They have been known to manipulate people into buying. Did you know the FTC has sued them a dozen times because of their methods? It’s incredible how they are still in business! Next, Jeff Clark has some bad reviews, which I have read online. Here are some: on Trustpilot, Kenneth J Dobrowolski has written, “Jeff Clark is a total scam artist, and make sure you do not fall for his bogus pitch. I have years of experience trading, so I joined Jeff to see if he is the real deal… after doing my analysis, I can tell you this guy is full of it. His options were losers…thank God I used a paper trading account. Make sure you stay away.” Also,

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Someone named Joanne Davis said the following “I have a receipt which says if I want to cancel my subscription anytime in the next 60 days, I can, but I have to contact customer service. Unfortunately, they lied, and I didn’t receive my full refund. He also claims to be in the 1% of the richest, which is a complete lie. He is a scam…stay away.“ Under this review, there was a reply from Jeff Clark’s team, which read the following: “Sorry about all the trouble; we will go ahead and process a prorated refund.”

Now, I also read a review from someone named Robert DeWolf. He wrote the following,  “So, I went ahead and subscribed for one (1) whole year and made five (5) options trades recommended by Jeff. Unfortunately, I lost money in every single trade he suggested. The course is very well explained and information, but everyone has to be careful of his promises.” Then you have a reply from Jeff, who says, “My bad, please give us a call so we can make it right.”

Now to be entirely fair, sites like do say better things about Jeff Clark Trader. On this site, the training course has 30+ reviews, with an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5. But I’ve been around for some time, so I can spot fake reviews when I read them, and some sound somewhat weird. I’m not into trading, and if I was, I’m sure you can find much free content online to help you get started. I would avoid Jeff Clark and anything he is selling.

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