Jason Bond Review: Wait, So He’s Not In Jail?

Jason Kowalik is called “Jason Bond,” he’s back doing what he claims he does best. Selling investment advice to people who may or may not work…lol. I was actually shocked when I saw him on a YouTube ad with his buddy Jeff Bishop. Did you know the FTC sued these guys for running a $137 million scam a year ago? Supposedly these guys were let off pretty quickly and only had to pay something like 2.4 million (and were allowed to keep their business operation moving). Ok, let’s move on…

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I must admit that Jason’s tone differs in these new ads I’m watching. (I wonder why). Anyway, here’s what he has been pitching: “There is no shortcut to making money, especially in the stock market. And nothing can replace experience and hard work, but you don’t have to approach this all by yourself…in fact, click here, and you can access my Stock Watchlist (and weekly tips).” Jason Bond (lol) will do the research every single week and pick the hottest stocks so you get a better idea of his method of investing. He claims there will be no cost to you at all, either. Jason says his Watchlist has already been credited for selecting some huge winners for this year, and you could have had them sent to your inbox too.

Jason Bond Review: Wait, So He's Not In Jail?


Jason says, “It was through trading stocks where I saw 25% on DUO. And all of these hot stocks were on my watchlist.” Anyways, Jason says in his ad to click on the link to get his latest stock tips and watchlist. So again, there is NO cost to you at all. Then in the ad, Jason introduces himself again by saying: “Hey, my name is Jason Bond, and you may have seen my article on the Forbes, Huffington Post, or the MoneyShow. The stuff you read was probably about the whole scam thing we have already discussed. I have been trading and earning profit for over a decade now.” I find Jason keeps using his old winning patterns over and over again. He also keeps bragging that he has taught more than 2000,000 students how to follow in his success and earn the way he has. Anyways, he says he is taking his stuff to the next level by doing something he has never done before. What is it?

He says it’s giving away his best training and stock picks for no cost. Put away your payment information because you don’t have to buy a thing. There are no free trials to sign up for because when you click the button and sign up, you will be instantly redirected to my Weekly Watchlist.” Now, from my understanding, this watchlist comes out on Sundays via email, and Jason gives you the best trades to make in the upcoming week. He will also go through how to play each so you can learn in real-time. Jason says, “You will also get access to my Real Money trading journey because I believe in 100% transparency.” Jason wants to show you all his trades and how to manage them. You will have a chance to learn from his past winners and losers. Jason says, “If you click right now, you get access to video lessons that cover small trading accounts…these are fantastic.”

So, Jason keeps saying everything is step-by-step, and people pay thousands of dollars to get these fantastic stock tips and the training he offers. But you don’t have to worry about paying this thousand dollars because he offers everything for free…right? You have nothing to lose! Now, here’s the amazing thing and why you cannot trust this guy…because as soon as I entered my email address, he asked me to pull out my credit card and pay $129.00. This guy is a complete liar…right?-+

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