Jack Link Net Worth: How He Makes Millions Each Year

In the competitive world of the snack industry, there are few names that stand out, like Jack Links. Known for its high-quality meat snacks, Jack Link’s Protein Snacks has become a global leader in the market, thanks to the vision and determination of its founder, Jack Link. Born on February 22, 1946, Jack Link’s journey from a small family recipe to an international snack empire is nothing short of inspiring. Let’s explore Jack Link’s net worth.

The Link Family Legacy

The story of Jack Link starts with the Link family, who brought their sausage recipes from the old country to the Northwoods of Wisconsin in the 1880s. Chris Link, the patriarch of the family, established himself as a legend in the meat industry with his sausages and smoked meats. His son, Earl Link, continued the family tradition by opening Minong’s first general store and butcher shop.

It was Earl’s son, Wolf Link, who truly made a mark in the meat business. As a successful cattleman, Wolf raised the finest beef in the land. But his greatest accomplishment was raising his son, Jack Link, who would go on to carry the family legacy forward.

The Birth of Jack Link’s Protein Snacks

While hunting with his sons one day, Jack Link had an epiphany. The jerky they had bought tasted terrible, and he believed he could do better. Drawing inspiration from his great-grandfather’s old-world recipes, Jack and his sons set out to create their own jerky. The result was Jack Link’s Original Kippered Beef Steak, a product that quickly gained popularity among friends, neighbours, and eventually the entire region.

In 1986, Jack decided to take his meat snacks to a broader audience. He started selling his beef steaks to convenience stores across Wisconsin, but it didn’t take long for things to escalate. Jack purchased a jerky packaging machine, and that’s when Jack Link’s Protein Snacks began selling nationwide, eventually reaching the global market.

Jack Link’s Protein Snacks: A Global Snack Empire

Jack Link’s Protein Snacks revolutionized the snack industry with its commitment to crafting high-quality, delicious protein snacks. Their flagship product, Beef Jerky, made from lean trimmed meat dried to perfection, quickly gained popularity among health-conscious consumers worldwide. The company’s strategic acquisitions and constant product innovation have allowed it to expand its portfolio, including popular European brands like BIFI and PEPERAMI.

Today, Jack Link’s Protein Snacks is a prominent player in the industry, with a goal to become the world’s leading provider of branded meat snacks. Their global presence and dedication to quality have earned them an estimated net worth of around $500 million, a testament to Jack Link’s entrepreneurial journey.

The Link Legacy Continues

The Link family’s commitment to quality and tradition is evident in the leadership of Jack Link’s Protein Snacks. Jack Link himself, together with his son Troy, works side by side each day, ensuring that the company stays true to its roots. With five generations of family expertise and an unwavering commitment to crafting the best protein snacks, Jack Link’s Protein Snacks continues to thrive and innovate in the ever-evolving snack industry.

Jack Link's enters refrigerated meat snacks and pork skin categories

Crafted with Quality in Mind

What sets Jack Link’s Protein Snacks apart from other jerky brands is their unwavering commitment to quality. Unlike some competitors who cut corners, Jack Link’s uses 100% beef, turkey, chicken, and pork in their protein snacks. They carefully select the leanest cuts of meat and slice them into snack-worthy strips. Following a 100-year-old family recipe, the meat is marinated with select, premium ingredients and a unique blend of herbs, giving Jack Link its remarkable flavour.

But it doesn’t stop there. Jack Link’s Protein Snacks takes pride in its slow cooking and drying process. The meat is cooked and dried in their own smokehouse, ensuring that every bite is packed with flavour and tenderness. It’s this dedication to quality that has made Jack Link’s Protein Snacks a favourite among snack enthusiasts worldwide.

Jack Link’s Impact on the Snack Industry

The success of Jack Link’s Protein Snacks can be measured not only by their estimated net worth but also by their market share. Recent estimates credit Jack Link with $1.3 billion in sales and a significant share of the snack meats market, possibly ranging from 50% to 60%. This level of dominance in the industry is a testament to their commitment to crafting the best meat snacks.

When comparing Jack Link’s to industry giants like General Mills and Kellogg, the numbers speak for themselves. While the exact net income of Jack Link remains undisclosed due to its private ownership, its market share suggests that the company is performing exceptionally well. In fact, a reasonable estimate of its valuation would be between $2 and $3 billion, placing Jack Link’s in the same league as some of the wealthiest individuals in the state.


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Jack Link’s and the Super Bowl Connection

One of the significant milestones in Jack Link’s journey was their Super Bowl ad featuring Sasquatch. This unexpected move showcased the brand’s ambition to reach a wider audience and solidify its presence in popular culture. It was a reminder of how far the company had come, from a small family recipe in Minong, Wisconsin, to a household name with a global impact.

The Super Bowl ad buy was a strategic decision that not only boosted brand awareness but also positioned Jack Link’s Protein Snacks as a major player in the snack industry. It was a testament to the brand’s growth and success, and a nod to the entrepreneurial spirit of Jack Link himself.

The Legacy Lives On

Today, Jack Link’s Protein Snacks continues to thrive, driven by the family’s unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and their passion for crafting the best protein snacks. With a heritage spanning over 130 years and five generations, the Link family’s influence can still be felt in every product that bears Jack Link’s name.

As a family-owned and family-operated company, Jack Link’s remains true to its rural roots in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Their team members, working in small towns across America, embody the pioneer spirit that built the foundation of the brand. It’s this dedication to their craft and their customers that has allowed Jack Link’s Protein Snacks to become a global snack empire.


The extraordinary journey of Jack Link, from a small family recipe to a global snack empire, is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and quality. Jack Link’s Protein Snacks has become a household name, thanks to their commitment to crafting high-quality, delicious protein snacks that resonate with consumers worldwide. With Jack Link and his son Troy leading the way, the family legacy lives on, ensuring that the Link name remains synonymous with excellence in the snack industry.