Is Loan Broker Network Legit?

Many people are wondering what is the Loan Broker Network. This program or network was founded by Philip F Smith and a Shark Tank OG, Kevin Harrington. If you can partner with the RIGHT person, like a shark from a popular show like Shark Tank, whose brand is worth an estimated $400 million, you have doubled your chances of success. Not to mention, the business lending niche is at an all-time high. For example, real estate-backed deals have an average commission of approx. seven (7) thousand dollars. If you like what you hear, continue reading my Loan Broker Network review.

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The first concern is whether this type of business is legal and legitimate. I asked this question to Philip, who bluntly told me Kevin Harrington would not risk his fortune by getting involved in something which can be considered fraud. You see, to build the country’s most prominent loan brokers industry, you have to fly straight and be an institution people can trust. There is a lot of money to be made in this industry to the point where you can also make money when the market declines, which is enormous. I wanted to know how this was even possible. The answer is simple: It’s because obtaining funding during a marker crash is difficult for people, so if you can help, you can make a lot of money.

So, if you are NOT entirely in it for the money, why else is this an industry many people are getting into? Well, it’s because of freedom. You can work from anywhere in the world and spend as much time as you want to do it. Also, you don’t need a license or experience to get involved. However, I would ask my STATE if you don’t need a license because regulations are changing fast. The Loan Broker Network has a system that works, and it has been tested numerous times. You will have the opportunity to LEARN from a shark. Philip claims he has a stellar reputation and has generated over a million loan leads. They will also do all the heavy lifting for you to close the deals. But I’m sure they will also take a massive commission for their talent.

Loan Broker Network – Join The Largest Network Of Business Loan Brokers


So, when you join this network, you have a structure in place to help you excel in this industry quickly. For example, they have the manpower, resources, systems, and technology to ensure you can piggyback on their success and learn from them. Philip F Smith then pushes to sell this even more by providing an example of a guy named Jason, who joined not too long ago and has made $24,000 on his first deal. You also have guys like Justin and Rob, who quit their jobs and were able to buy homes from their success. To find out more, I want to know what kind of loans they can assist with, and I was able to find out the following information:

They can help with many kinds of, like lines of credit, purchase financing, SBA loans, student loans, start-up loans, equipment financing, cash advances, etc. There are the way to many for me to mention them all. However, you have so many different avenues to make money from in this business. Now, here’s the thing, if you were going to learn and join another network, they would cost $25,000+, but Philip says he has built a unique program and wants to share it with everyone. This means pricing it so people can get involved and make their dream come true. Now, what do you think a program is worth when the

Again, just to clarify, these guys do all the heavy lifting so that you won’t have any issues closing deals. These guys provide you with massive support along the way also. For example, you have access to a private Facebook group. In addition, you will LEARN some crazy Facebook advertising methods guaranteed to convert into leads. In the end, leads convert into commissions. Philip promises once you join, you will have a funnel running within 1 hour. I know you are wondering about costs, so the fee is $997.00 (one-time payment). This price is $2000.00 off the regular price. Well, this is what Philip claims. If this price is steep upfront, you can make two (2) payments of $597.00! Now, here’s the thing,

I tend to stay away from lending businesses, especially if I don’t have any previous knowledge about this industry. There are too many regulations involved. I recommend you do your due diligence before getting involved so you can make a wise choice. Anyways, I want to tell you about another program too, which you can find out about by clicking the orange button below.