The Inner Circle Program by Nehemiah Davis

Nehemiah Davis has a system where he helps consultants, coaches, and even agency owners grow their business from $10- to $50k monthly, to even scaling beyond these figures. Now the fantastic thing is that under his guidance, Davis has clients who can produce these results in a day. But, to see these types of numbers, you must follow a well-thought-out plan, and changing your mindset is the first step. Your mindset needs to adopt the idea that the product you are selling is NOT itty-bitty. It’s worth any number you set; it’s the total package, a puzzle —the transformation they’re looking for and willing to pay a hefty amount for it.

Nehemiah Davis stated that you have to ask yourself the following questions: “What is the value someone will receive working with you for a year? “What is the value someone will receive after six (6) months of working with you? Ultimately, will the value these people gain change their mindset, life, and business for the better? The main problem is this with MOST consultants, coaches, and agency owners; they do NOT know their worth, so they are charging too little for the value they provide. So, know your value and charge what your time is worth…that’s the bottom line!

Secondly, change your mindset and believe you are worth every penny people are paying you. You see, the key is to reinvest in yourself. Think about it this way: how will you ask clients for more money if you’re not willing to educate yourself and LEARN as much as you can about your work? Clients will give you thousands of dollars for this Inner Circle Mastermind program, and they need to know you are worth every penny. They need to know that you invest in yourself and are someone who cares about success as much as they do. And now, step number three…

It is to embrace the Reverse Value Ladder. What is this exactly? Well, the Russell Brunsons, who are the BEST marketers of our time, will tell you to start with a FREE + shipping offer and then upsell them a product worth anywhere from $30-$37 product. Then something like a $497 course, then keep going making more money along the way. Finally, you’ll sell them a $10K mastermind…right? Nehemiah Davis says to forget all the upselling and go right into selling them the top programs because you can make the MOST. So, going from the top and moving toward the bottom is required. This way, you make the most money, fast, and get people the BEST results. Obviously, if you want to offer your clients lower ticket products after…go ahead.

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Now, I know you are wondering…aren’t so many people going to be doing this? What about saturation? Nehemiah has an excellent answer for this saying…look at colleges and universities that have been around for 100+ years selling people outdated information and sometimes don’t help anyone at all except if you are becoming a doctor or lawyer…right? Yet, people still pay these institutions thousands of dollars annually, and their doors remain open. So, think about it this way, if you provide value and are excellent at what you do,…you think you will have a hard time finding clients? 

Anyway, he adds that most of your competition will not be able to provide the value you do anyway…not after Davis is coaching you. The offer, your messaging, advertising, community, social proof, conversion rate, and retention rate will be so much better than all of your competitors too in what you’re doing. And yet, you’ll be setting up your program as a one-to-many model instead of one-to-one, which opens the door to unlimited scale.

Now that you know the overview, if you are a consultant, coach, creator, or just tired of your job, it’s time for you to book a call to LEARN more about our Inner Circle Mastermind program. We have a track record of many successful clients and success stories to prove it. As a matter of fact, we have people doing 6-7 figure launches. Before you make that call, I encourage you to check out my other Favorite Program (click the orange button below)