Inbound Closer Review (Payton Welch)

Many people have tried to start an online business but have failed because they go in with the wrong mindset. For example, they think it will be easy to start an online business and wrong caught off guard when they LEARN about the research and discipline involved. Oh, and it doesn’t help you have hundreds of others making it sound easy to show off their Ferraris and Lambos. However, I MUST praise Payton Welch, who in his MOST recent YouTube ad tells you flat don’t believe everything you hear or see. Anyways, I watched the rest of the ad (and dissected) it to LEARN more about the Inbound Closer program. Scroll down to read more. Also, read what I have next:

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Payton Welch says the following, and I have to admit, he makes sense: “If all these marketing geniuses are lying about the businesses they have built, the cars, homes, etc.,” Payton then says that no matter what type of business you are starting, i.e. dropshipping, lead generation, affiliate marketing, consulting, MLM, it’s all going to be extremely hard to start going. These people (who are lying) show you the result but never give you the middle about the blood, sweat, and tears they put into the business for years. For example, many people I know were at it for at least 2-3 years before hitting some success. Now, I know many of you are asking…why?

Payton says that because the LEARNING curve is steep, you have to practice all these new skills that come with the territory. So now, being the master salesman, Payton starts to sell you in his YouTube ad by saying, “today is your lucky day because you’re going to learn how 1,200 students of his replaced their 9-5 income in just 21 days. How? He says it’s all about learning the RIGHT skill, which will make you thrive in a 1 billion dollar industry. Furthermore, this skill will allow you to jump into the industry and immediately start landing clients. Now, why is this so powerful…

It’s because this industry that Payton claims he knows is full of wealthy business owners who have struggled to GROW/SCALE their businesses. This means the skill you LEARN, and you tap right into what they need to help them grow. And, from his experience, these businesses will cut you some nice commission checks in exchange for helping them grow…pretty cool…right? Of course, Payton says all you need is a phone and a 6-page PDF with all of his SECRET strategies…but now I know what Payton is trying to do.

Inbound Closer Review (Payton Welch)


He wants you to be a super closer for him and close the products, services, etc he is selling. So basically, do all the sales calls for him, and he’ll probably cut you in on some commission which is a few percentages, obviously with him keeping a majority of it…LOL.

Then in the YouTube ad, he says what he’ll teach you will allow you to gather leads and close deals even faster. But, with Payton doing on the upsell, you have nothing to lose but a lot to GAIN. Here’s the thing, I’ve been around marketers before, and they always make things seem more seamless than they are. I mean, what he is trying to tell you is the BEST case scenario, with the worst case being you close NO deals and are left dry for several months (sad face). You see, in the YouTube ad Payton says you will close 40% of calls which I think is an excessive number, but from my own experience (and from what I have heard), you will probably close 10%, which is a huge difference.

Payton then goes further to entice you by saying the average sale will be around $10,000 with your commission being 15%-20% which is NOT bad if he will be doing MOST of the closing. But I feel it will be lower than $10,000, closer to 3K if you consider the refunds, chargebacks, pay plan buyers, rebills, and others. So the program is now beginning to look a lot less different. But, I have heard the other side of the story, too, where people could make a successful living out of what they are doing. It comes down to your work ethic and focus (also goodluck!)

Now, there are two people involved, Payton and his brother Taylor who sell their Inbound Closer Accelerator course for a single fee of $9700. They also offer a lifetime 100% money-back guarantee. These guys are good, so you will have upsells and may have to invest more than expected to get started. But, in the end, I like the opportunity because it’s legit, and I have heard other people making good money doing it. But it’s not easy, and you do have to put in some serious grind.

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