Hungry Machine Reviews (Amazon Automation)

Have you ever tried to make passive income from Amazon and failed? Well, Erin from Hungry Machine claims the following: “Our team builds and manages Amazon seller accounts to ensure you can make passive income. When you work with us, we do everything to ensure you have a winning store. We will research winning products with high-profit margins to add to your store.” Then she goes on to say how you will completely control your budget, but how her team will do everything else, from packing and shipping all the items to where they need to go! So I decided to check out this program, and here’s my honest Hungry Machine review. Let’s jump right in!

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Erin says this process is called Amazon automation. Essentially, it’s making sure your store meets all the policies so you can keep earning. Erin is completely honest about how her team does use software to automate some elements of the store. Still, all the major processes are controlled manually by her team. You see, Erin says, “your success comes from the people shopping on Amazon, so you need to make sure you have an attractive offer…it’s that simple.” But, then, she says that our people are just as important because we work manually on improving your store, so you make money. Erin says she has the best people working on her team with years of experience, which is why they have done so well. To ensure they keep the BEST people, she says the following:

“We always treat each other respectfully and are there for each other. This respect and integrity we also show to our customers.” Erin then reiterates what her team will do for you, starting with building your Amazon store and seller account. Then her team will go out to build relationships with vendors, so you get the best pricing on products to resell on Amazon. Finally, she says, “we’ll take care of all the purchase orders for you so you can collect the passive income. Not only that, but your getting a system which will also scale your store and keep building it. We will operate with complete 100% transparency.” To learn more about the entire process, you will have to book a call with her team! So. I want to know more about their process, and here’s what I did learn..

The Hungry Machine will do the following:

They will take care of the warehousing and ensure they are placed in the MOST efficient locations to get products to customers quickly. Hungry Machine will handle the logistics making sure products are moved around when needed. In addition, they will do the entire platform management, for example, updating listings, maintaining inventory levels, and even customer support. And the part I love is that Hungry Machine will handle content writing, copywriting, analytics, and more. This sounds great…but how much time will I invest in getting this going?

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Erin says, “in the beginning, there will be several meetings to discuss what we are trying to achieve. But, then, no time unless there is a payment process issue with your credit card, and we have to get a hold of you to contact your bank. Otherwise, you are logging into your Amazon seller’s account whenever you like to check your stats, products and profits…that’s all!.” But before you get all excited, it’s time to talk about the costs and risks involved in doing business with Hungry Machine. So here’s the thing,

After doing some research, I realized that none of these eCom automation agencies put their prices on the website, and I think they are afraid they will scare you off. So to answer this question…Hungry Machine doesn’t have their pricing on the website; however, I have heard prices can be as high as 30K and $25k in credit to pay for inventory. Oh, not to mention they will want a cut of your monthly net profit. (WOW, THAT’S A LOT!). Here’s what sucks…

You’ll have to wait for one (1) full year before you start to see any profits and return on your investments which is brutal. I’m surprised by this cost; many people are still in this business and offering these for you. I mean, is there really that high of a demand for these types of stores, etc. Oh, what happens if Amazon one day decides to stop your store from functioning? Will you get some money back? How will Hungry Machine help? Anyways, I have something better for…just click the orange button below to be amazed!

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