House Stacking Review (Roy And Rin)

Roy Hoss believes that a recession is terrific for real estate, and you can make a lot of money. “I mean, I know it’s a bad time for our economy and will probably worsen. But, it’s a great time for business if you know how to invest,” says Ross. So far, Roy has purchased 77 properties over the last year using this unique system, and each one was purchased with no money down whatsoever. Roy says, “You want to know how I’m doing this…no problem…just join House Stacking.” Ok, but wait one second; here is my House Stacking review before you do.

Rin Kay is Roy’s partner, and he has a Ph.D. in analytics. I guess Roy lets us know this because he expects us to be impressed. Anyways, Roy claims that some of his students in the House Stacking system have used his method to get a house signed and sealed within three (3) months…if this is true, it’s impressive. The team says they can help you do the same, but they need 12 months to make it happen, so they need your commitment for this time.

Basically, Roy and Rin are going to give you the cheat codes to make money in real estate. These codes will ensure you don’t have to try things out for yourself and make bad deals (lose money). “By using what we know, you will have an advantage over someone else,” says Roy. Oh, oh, I have a bad feeling about this…

You see, something seems to be off here. I don’t know; I think it could be a bad voice actor they have doing their presentations. The voice actor says that Roy and Rin are the creators of this cash flow system real estate system which is changing the landscape of the entire industry. (really…this is funny). I swear this pitch sounds precisely like the ones done by Tom Vu! Let’s continue…

Did you know this magical system these guys present has earned Roy and Rin’s private clients millions of dollars and brought in a lot of cash for both? But wait, this is a huge claim and has not been proven. So keep this in mind! But I’m sure that most investors probably fall flat on their faces! Anyways,

I feel that many people will fall flat on their faces because they forget to do their due diligence. I hope Roy and Rin will teach you how to do all this in their training. Sometimes, these people fall flat because they can’t get the loan together. Roy and Rin make it seem so easy, but this can be a tricky business for sure! But, “fear not,” says the voice actor. This training and secret method will show you how to get around these loopholes (it’ll be a shortcut…I guess). They continue,

Penthouse used as Roman Roy's Succession home with views of Central Park on market for $38 million | Daily Mail Online


“My team has done all the hard work for you. Some training programs teach you the methods, but we provide you with a copy-and-paste system you can use right now,” says Roy. Then, he starts to list out some advantages to their system…

Find properties that are full of cash and that you can build instant equity into.

Grow your property portfolio every single month.

Work from anywhere in the world because this is 100% remote.

You don’t have to deal with banks.

No need to use your own cash or credit

Regain time with your friends and family.

When Roy and Rin started working with this system, they were shocked by the results. They tested it for 12 months, making sure it worked. They acquired 787 properties without investing any of their own money. After they wanted to test it more, they shared this system with some private clients who got the same results. Now, Roy and Rin say it is your turn! So, the House Stacking system is here to help you if you are the average investor and want to win in this real estate game. Here are my thoughts…

This whole thing seems like a cold-calling job where you have to contact distressed homeowners and wiggle your way into them selling you their property. Now, if you want to know the cost of this system…it doesn’t matter; the House Stacking course is one that I would avoid no matter what!