Home Service Academy Review

Two people named Johnny Robinson and his business partner, Sergio Silesky, were able to GROW their remote cleaning business to $65,000 per month. Oh, by the way, their business name is Orange Window Cleaning. There are many money-making opportunities in the market today, and many from Johnny and Sergio’s experience will NOT work for you. Now, I know you are wondering…how do these two know? Both have tried them all, for example, Amazon FBA, Shopify drop shipping, starting a marketing agency, flipping houses, and others. You name it; they have tried it! With that said,

Johnny says, “From all the businesses I’ve tried, only this remote cleaning business has allowed me to hit those high numbers I was looking for. I am able to make multiple six figures per year in profit”.

The best way to describe this business is like a house cleaning business with a mop…lol. The fantastic thing is that Johnny and Sergio have NOT touched the mop because they don’t do any of the cleaning required. They don’t have to scrub the toilets, floors, sinks, or anything. They claim to run this business remotely from all over the world and even consider this a part-time job because of the hours they put in.

Oh, by the way, I was doing all this while being a full-time student in College, pulling good marks too. So, I am happy to say my college debt is paid off, and I’m financially FREE. This is a great feeling, trust me! And it’s important to tell you that it works so well because it’s simple to implement. Now, here’s the thing: I want you to think about this…



If you are serious about getting into business and finding a niche, this is perfect for you. Imagine being able to start this and GROW your remote house cleaning business to 6 figures. Also, this can be done entirely remotely moving forward. I encourage you to check out my Home Service Academy, where I will give you three (3) big SECRETS for going from broke to selling over $1.3 million in remote cleaning services.

Did you know that Johnny and Sergio also own a second cleaning business that is completely remote also? The name of this business is Mary & A Mop. Right now, this business is pulling in decent numbers, and they continue to GROW this business. But, in the meantime, they want to hand this proven system to you to try out. So here’s what you can expect right now.

Step 1 is to build your business foundation, which includes registering your business, getting insurance, creating a website, etc. This stuff shouldn’t take more than two (2) weeks to complete. Step 2 is to find the right providers and also independent contractors who will be responsible for all the dirty work. You can trust these people to do great work and manage them from anywhere in the world.

Now, you are thinking about how you can find customers right. This is step number 3! Once you have set up your business and are ready to start rolling, Johnny and Sergio will teach you how to find customers through organic and paid methods. The key will be to show you how to use these methods to generate endless leads and GROW your business. Johnny and Sergio will even show you how to overcome the objections you will face during the sales process. This training aims to teach you all this even if you have zero marketing or sales experience. Ultimately, you will master how to produce revenue…and that’s the bottom line…right.

So, Johnny and Sergio are so confident with the product they have for you that they have a guarantee in place. If this doesn’t work for you and you don’t make at least $10,000 profit in the next 60 days, you will get an entire refund on your investment. But, if you follow exactly what is taught in the training, Johnny and Sergio are confident you will succeed in your business and GROW it to a point where you are making recurring monthly income. This is why they have this guarantee in place: they are confident you won’t have to request a refund. However, you have to put the work in, so keep that in your mind.

Ok, next, the cost is NOT listed here because you should speak to them so they can answer any of your questions and address all your concerns before. Get started by filling out an application to book a call to learn more. Here are some testimonials so far; we have Mark and Vanessa, who, after eight (8) weeks, have made  $21.5k in revenue. They are now on pace to do over $30k. A support system is in place; this is the other fantastic thing. We believe the Home Service Academy is right for you, just like it has been for hundreds of people. However, if you feel it is not the right move, check out this program which is my next favorite program, hit the orange button.