Home Flipping Workshop Review

Imagine having the mentality where you feel financial freedom is unattainable. You think that it’s tough and don’t even try to achieve financial freedom? Well, Glenn and Amber Schworm thought the same way as MOST people. At the time, they were newly married and had four (4) kids while going through hard times. Essentially, they were broke and looking for a way out. They were scared and didn’t know how they would be able to support their kid’s future (education especially), and this all changed was they managed to flip their first home. Would you like to know how they did this and how much money they made in the process?

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So, on their first flip, they could make $17,000, which changed their life because this was the MOST money they had ever seen. It gave them enough breathing room to make their second flip which was faster and made them even more profitable. Can you believe they made $36,000 in 3 days which is NUTs if I believe them…

So, they have done the following: spent 12 years in the business, done over 600 flips, and sold over $7 million worth of homes. This is pretty impressive, and people know this, which is why they have made several handful TV appearances, so you can say they have earned their stripes. So, now they offer you to join them if your passion is real-estate. You see, they say that getting into real estate is NOT a challenging process. If it is, it’s because you don’t understand the system (formula) involved. Glenn and Amber want to teach you this formula in the training course they are offering…the Home Flipping Workshop! What will they teach you?

Glenn says, “we will teach you how to find, fund, and even fix homes. We will show you how to find the right contractors so you can save when fixing these homes and make a good ROI when you flip them after. We will also show you how to be profitable while holding on to some of these homes.” In the end, Glenn says he and his wife have been highly successful in this business and want to spread their knowledge so you can be as successful too. But, my concern is the following:

So, Glenn thinks what happens after the pandemic makes this the best time to get in. The housing market has crashed, so you can buy for a discounted price and then ride the wave back up. Think about it this way, what goes down MUST come back up…right? This up and down is why so many millionaires are made during tough times; think about the stock market and the buying frenzy when the prices are lower than expected. After reading this part, I’ll admit he has a point that makes sense! So, the bottom line is this…

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They both say: If you are tired of working for someone (a boss) 9-5 and want to retire soon while having the financial freedom you have been dreaming about, it’s time for you to join them for a 3-day virtual real-estate training. They can also promise it will be the MOST insightful training you have been a part of with a strategic plan you can utilize RIGHT now to attack the market. In addition, they offer incredible knowledge and interactive design training, so you get that hands-on feel (practical) you love in a training program. Finally, Glenn and Amber promise you the following:

When you attend the training program and complete it, you can go out and do the following RIGHT away. First, find profitable properties on your own, fund these deals, and flip them with their PROVEN formula so you will leave thousands in your pocket. Finally, you will learn when to hold on to a property instead of selling it so you can generate some recurring income. They close their sales pitch by saying the following:

This training or Home Flipping Workshop will cost you around $59. However, they encourage you to attend one (1) day, and if you don’t get the value they promise, they will refund you 10x what you paid. However, I encourage you to be careful because, from my experience, these training programs start small and entice you to invest thousands of dollars. Plus, there are a lot of loopholes in their refund policy, so that you may get nothing back. Think about this; they have spent money on marketing, material, and other stuff. I doubt the $59.00 cost of the training will cover their costs, so be careful about some hidden upsells. I encourage you to check out my alternative program creating a huge buzz right now. Click the orange button below to check it out!

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