Jason Wardrop Talks Google Local Service Ads

Imagine making $100 to $200 daily with some simple Google Local ads. Well, Jason Wardrop says you can if you listen to him. I have to admit; this guy is an excellent marketer! Jason also says that no one else is doing what he is teaching online and that you don’t need any experience or prior skills…really? What’s funny is that he says you don’t need any money…lol. Anyways, what makes me laugh is when these guys provide you with free content, they always sell something on the side. I think what these guys are doing is something simple, you pretend like you know something others don’t and push to sell it! But I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, so I am willing to hear him out…

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Jason says, “what we do is help local businesses get more leads so they can grow their business by getting more clients.” This is what he is saying in his YouTube video. He says, “we do not set up the traditional Google ads because these ads are much so easy to configure, and your clients are going to love you because they don’t pay every time someone clicks on the ad.” Jason then says clients will only pay when they only get a lead, so someone’s contact info. What’s interesting is that if the business feels the lead is NOT legit, you can dispute it so you will not be charged for it by Google. How do you make money from this…

You charge your client for the services you provide for managing their Google ads marketing. The monthly fee can be $100 or even $200 per month. But, depending on the type of business, you can charge even more per month (wow). Jason then does some demos showing you search results for “real estate agent Dallas, Texas,”. He points to search results at the top for local business service ads. These ads are above all other types of ads with a picture of the professional, their review, and contact info. I searched the same, and these ads are above all the rest. Amazingly, they will only be charged if someone clicks on the ad, calls or enters their info, becoming a lead for them. Oh, if it’s a crappy ad, you don’t pay. Let’s continue…

I guess this would be a great opportunity for new businesses in town with no reviews or creditability. First, it’s a great way to be shown above all the established businesses so you can start to scale yourself. Next, because you get reimbursed for crappy clicks, it’s a great way to control your spending. This is another reason why new businesses may love using Google PPC. New businesses may not have much to invest like other businesses…right? So, think about this too!

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Jason says, “this Google ad service is not available everywhere and is fairly new. Head over to Google Local Service Ads and read through their offer. Oh, you can also enter your zip code, pick a niche, and get a good idea of how many potential qualified leads you can get and how much they might cost you.” Jason then says, it’s an amazing way to sell your services because just quote the cost Google is listing and snap on an additional $300 for you to manage everything…that’s all!

This new ad option on Google does look like a breeze and looks like it is easy to set up. But here’s the thing: I have researched online, and so many blogs are discussing this method, so I’m not sure why Jason is saying it’s something new. Another thing is you do have to sell this service to local businesses, so if you don’t know how to sell, you may run into a problem trying to get customers under your belt. Again, Jason makes this seem easy, but these are some things to remember before joining this program.

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