Future Flipper Mastermind Review


Everyone is trying to get into real estate because it can be highly lucrative if you do the RIGHT deals. But, finding deals can be tricky, so you need a mentor to show you the ropes. There is a lot of talk about a guy named Ryan Pineda and his Future Flipper Mastermind. But, this training costs $3000 and another $1000 if you want to take advantage of some of the upgrades available. Now, this is pretty steep, so I sent out to find out what makes this course so unique and if it is indeed worth it. He runs these programs once every quarter (March, June, September, and December). Each one of these trains runs for about three (3) days.

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Now, the objective of this training, the Future Flipper Mastermind, is to ensure you learn, network and grow in a very competitive niche…real estate. Ryan wants to ensure you succeed where many other people have failed. Ryan says the following about his program “The Future Flipper Mastermind will give you tools and methods to push forward in real estate. You will learn a lot of effective methods and network with some of the BEST in the industry.” Whenever I hear Ryan say this, I feel as though he is teaching you something which will be life-changing. But I know you want some more details, so here is what you can expect over three (3) days.

First, you will learn about Ryan’s history and get an in-depth look into how Ryan is doing 100+ deals each year. You will also get Ryan’s exclusive million-dollar blueprint which other students have used and succeeded with. Next, you will LEARN some creative sales and marketing strategies, and most of all, you will network with some major players in the real estate game. You need to meet these types of people to learn and do significant deals on your own. Here’s another cool thing about Ryan’s seminars, you won’t just hear from him, but you will hear from guest speakers who have made their place in the real estate market. For example, LightSpeed VT owner Brad Lea, mortgage lending millionaire Neel Dingra, Airbnb whiz kid, and even YouTuber and tiny home specialist Robert Abasolo. And, as a bonus, if you buy a ticket to these seminars, you will receive instant access to Ryan’s House Flipping & Wholesaling Academy course. This course is one of his BEST selling programs right now. Now, here are a few things you have to know…

The seats in this program are limited because Ryan is in high demand. I recommend if this is your thing, you should secure them now. Some people are saying the following about his seminars: “Another inspirational mastermind with @RyanPinedaShow and this group of All-Star investors doing amazing things across the country,”

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Now, you also have access to a private Facebook group to chat with other students so you can learn from each other. In addition, some students have said they have a fantastic support column to answer all their questions whenever they are stuck. Now, here are a few things that are on my mind:

First, the investment up front is steep for those just starting in real estate. And what happens if you cannot close a deal after attending his program…than what? Do you get a refund? Secondly, does Ryan help you close some of these deals because he does have extensive experience and if so, how much commission does he want for his help? Finally, how likely will you take action from what you learned in the course? Don’t be one of those guys who pays for a course and doesn’t act on it because this would be a complete waste of money, right? So, it would help if you asked yourself these questions before paying the initiation fee. If you are looking for my other favourite program, just hit the orange button below.