Funnel Hub Launchpad Review

Imagine getting paid $50,000 per year by others to be their friend and speak at a few events. Well, this is EXACTLY what Schmidt and AJ Rivera are doing, paying Russel Brunson to LEARN all of his marketing secrets. You see, Schmidt and AJ Rivera are ClickFunnel Inner Circle Members, and Russel has decided to invite them onto his podcast so he can let them in on his latest offer – the Funnel Hub Launchpad. What’s funny is that Schmidt and AJ Rivera were so excited about being invited to join this exclusive program that they didn’t know Russel would be getting a cut out of every sale they make utilizing this latest Funnel Hub Launchpad system. Before continuing, let’s dive into the Funnel Hub Launchpad system and why people fight tooth and nail to join. I’m a straight shooter, so here’s my brutally honest review!

If you know anything about marketing, then you know the purpose of any ad campaign is to get someone to buy your product and/or service…right? To use the correct terminology, someone who purchases your product has helped “you” achieve a “conversion.” Now, when it comes to conversions, a sales funnel is the Ferrari of marketing campaigns. So what are sales funnels? Simple, a stranger lands on a sales page, and they go through a journey learning more and more until they are enticed enough to purchase whatever you are selling. Our friend Russell has mastered the sales funnel marketing strategy and taught millions of people how to do this using a unique ClickFunnels software. Now, some of these people have earned thousands of dollars each month while creating brilliant businesses along the way. But if you think about it, some funnels, no matter how brilliant, have failed to reach higher than a conversion rate of 7%. And I’m talking about a million-dollar business still achieving around the 7% mark, which makes you think about what’s happening with the other 93% to 99% who don’t buy right away? Of course, you can try and convert them later on through some follow-up emails here and there, but the majority remain on the fence. So, what do you think they are going to do next? Well,

From their own experience, Schmidt and AJ explain that many go to Google and search your name and brand to read reviews to check if there are complaints about you or your product. In short, they are trying to figure out whether you are the real deal! It’s that simple! You see, I think the core problem is this,

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No one online, no review site or anything is actually providing these people searching Google with what I think is the most important information, like, how many lives this product/service has impacted. And why should these people who didn’t convert the first time around should return and give you $997.00 for a course or whatever it is, right?

And that, Mike and AJ would argue, is where the Funnel Hub Launchpad system comes in. And don’t you dare call it a website or a blog because it’s not.

To understand if a product is RIGHT for you, Mike says, these people should NOT be reading the unverified DIRT that others have left online with no backing whatsoever. That’s so unjust and shouldn’t be online or anywhere, for that matter. And, this unjust content especially shouldn’t be left by anyone who hasn’t even done any business with you…right? I mean, how would they know how authentic your product is and how many lives you have changed along the way? They don’t even have firsthand experience with you or your product.

So, what is the core issue the Funnel Hub Launchpad system will solve for you – the marketer? Well, first, let me paint a better picture for you. Imagine you are selling a product and are afraid of the unjust reviews people will leave about you and your product or offer. These people haven’t even tried your product, but they make a living by bashing marketers online. The solution:

The Funnel Hub Launchpad system is a content-driven strategy. It’s a webpage designed to accept traffic, which people can land on. This webpage, or landing page that I like to call it, will have maybe a picture of you or something. This funnel will help visitors overcome some of the trust and concerns they have about you or your product. If they have additional questions, the Funnel Hub Launchpad system will get them back to whichever funnel is most appropriate to help answer these questions too. Finally, depending on the visitors responses throughout the journey, it will link the people back to the juiciest offer you have ready for them.

Now, I know you’re wondering how I can even build such a system! Well, the Funnel Hub Launchpad system is a complete course to teach you how to build these puppies and sell ’em to influencers, gurus, and even small businesses. The cost is $497.00, and the creators AJ, Mike, and Russell will also have some upsells waiting for ya so you can earn even more. However, there is one problem, because this product is keyword optimize, it will NOT outrank everyone. And even if you did, there could still be ten (10) negative results below it. Then what?