Fundrise Review (Google, Reddit, BBB) – Is This Legit?

Recently, I was skimming through YouTube and ran into an ad by Fundrise which says, “The same real estate investment that generated enormous wealth for the world’s strongest portfolios is now available to you.” Then it continues, “the investments generating income are available to you right now and also the ones which will generate money in the future.” So, I guess this ad is trying to say that the power of real estate investing is in our hands, so join the community with over 150K investors who have used Fundrise to build a better portfolio. So, I want you to continue reading through Fundrise reviews, FAQs, and answers.

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They claim Fundrise was created to help those people who are intelligent investors “invest” smarter. They claim Fundrise will allow you to invest your money into a diverse portfolio of real estate properties (but many already do…lol). To help you make the RIGHT choices, they utilize a team of in-house experts and cutting-edge technology. Because they have these two in place, they can reduce fees and increase your return in the long run. So, ordinary people can now invest like real-estate professionals. Ok so, here are a few more things to keep in mind…

To invest with Fundrise, you must be 18 years old and a citizen currently residing in the United States. You do not have to be an accredited investor. Now, in terms of fees, Fundrise will charge you an annual fee of 0.15% for the help they provide in advising you throughout the year. For example, if you invest 10K, you will pay approx. $15 for the advisory fee for the entire year (not bad). They claim this is lower than what others charge because their rate is around 0.85% annually. If you make the same investment of 10K, you will pay them around $85, which is a big difference compared to Fundrise…right?



Here’s another thing to remember: Fundrise is NOT for the short-term because their plan is for the long-term. I’m thinking around five (5) years or so. So, the bottom line is this: If you don’t plan on investing long-term, this may NOT be your BEST option. You see, real estate is an excellent investment because you can put your money to work for you. But the only thing is time is a significant factor, and there is no way around this. However, Fundrise does offer you an option to invest and cash out early. Still, there is an extra fee for this, and this is NOT totally guaranteed.

Now, I wanted to find out what people who have invested with Fundrise are saying. A gentleman named Alan B, who left a five-star review, said, “I’ve been a client since 2008 and have received dividends each quarter like clockwork. Fundrise had provided me with updates when I needed them and is extremely selective about the investments they think would be a great choice for me. The Fundrise app is also cool.”

Then, I found a review from a Reddit user who had a negative experience and wrote: “I put an initial investment of %6,000, which grew to $7,384, and when I withdrew after three years, I expected to receive a 3% penalty. But when I received my money, I only received $4,461, which pissed me off.” (I think this is going to be a deal breaker for a lot of people)

I decided to check out some Google reviews and found a complaint here, too: the person had a hard time taking out their money. Nick Lopez said the following “Don’t waste your time with this. The concept is great, but they execute it poorly. For example, several times, I had to ask to withdraw my money, and they kept telling me different things. Also, when I got it back, I had to wait six (6) months to receive it. Customer service had to escalate my issue several times, and on top of that, they sweet talk you so you can keep your money in…no thank you.”

Another Google reviewer named Ken added: “I have been investing with these guys Fundrise for 18 months, and my returns are far above my expectations. These guys are great at keeping you informed and provide insight into the deals you are invested in.”

Here’s what I think: if you have money to invest, you may want to try Fundrise, but this should be the type of money you wouldn’t mind losing if things go belly up. They offer a low-fee, low-risk way to invest; however, some of the reviews make me nervous because the last thing you want to do is make money and have to chase them to get it out (withdrawn). Also, it’s not for those looking to make a quick dollar, that’s for sure… Unfortunately, Fundrise makes this blatantly on their website.

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