Freemote Review (Aaron Jack)

Who is Aaron Jack? I know many of you are wondering what this dude is all about, especially when you watch his YouTube ads claiming some big things. For example, in his recent YouTube ad, he says if you are learning to code, you are taking the longer route, which doesn’t have to be the case. But Aaron says the long route just wastes your time and money! And, you probably end up forgetting everything you learned in a few weeks anyway, but there’s another way which he calls – Learn and Earn. If you want to hear more…then just keep scrolling down to read more about it…

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Many people get involved in something called a coding bootcamp, which doesn’t work. So Aaron is now using something (or promoting) called the Freemote. Because of his training and what he’ll be teaching you, Aaron says: “more people are getting jobs on Upwork, earning so much more income, and starting their developer agency.” He says, “I want to do the same for you! I will start you off with a simple step-by-step program so you can LEARN the basics “enough” to tackle real-world jobs.”. I guess he is trying to build you up slowly so you have a portfolio to show clients and then can start getting more projects to take on more projects. The key, he says, is to get as many remote jobs as possible so you can earn more in the process. The Freemote course works, he says, “because by doing some actual projects, you get a jump start on those people who have no experience at all. You have also done it in 20% of the time.” (not sure if I believe what he is saying…but let’s move on)

Before Aaron tells you the Freemote cost, he tells you to press the button in the ad because he’ll tell you what to learn and how. Ok…once you click the button, he starts to flash a bunch of screenshots from his Freeomote Developers Facebook group. Not only that, but he says he can save you months and years of effort, which other people will put in. Aaron has a bunch of videos…

In one of his other videos, he says you can start to earn 6-figures in a year doing exactly this without a degree. Aaron says he is a living example because he went from being a broke English teacher to making a substantial amount of $168,000 in less than a year. I don’t know if I believe him because it’s easy to throw out numbers like this without backing them up. The bottom line is this…when you go to coding school, you are looking at years of studying, which people don’t have…right? Also, you’ll spend so much money over the years learning. Aaron says, “once you graduate, you’ll have a success rate of 30% because you don’t have any real-life experience to show. But, with his Freemote course, you get to work on real projects to show clients what you are all about.”

Freemote Review (Aaron Jack)


Here’s one thing that I like about this program…Aaron says he uses a more business-like approach instead of just an educational one. It’s 7-weeks showing you how to complete profitable projects like apps and eCommerce, then you learn how to land gigs by freelancing. He will set you up for success, which is essential nowadays. “You’ll be a hot commodity as a freelancer.” Says Aaron! Anyways,

Freemore is split into three (3) parts, and let’s look at them. First, you will learn .css, HTML, and Javascript, which fall into web development—two, setting and coding custom themes on Shopify, which I think will be interesting. And third, you will learn the fundamentals of freelancing, like setting up your profile, promoting your work, and getting paid while protecting yourself in the process. So, the Freemote Bootcamp costs $997 with a 30-day money-back guarantee. I recently checked it out and noticed they’d updated it by adding some bonus modules, content, and more.

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