Free House Formula Review (Cody Sperber)

Do you know what the number lie about real estate is? I don’t know at all…lol. But, lately, I have been reading content online where people claim they know the SECRET to getting rich by investing in properties. For example, Cody Sperber says, “the biggest lie people will tell you about getting rich through real estate is you have to start out rich. They tell you it takes money to make money.” He says this is wrong and you shouldn’t listen to what people say. Now check out what Cody Sperber says now…

According to Clever Investor, he says you don’t need good credit or a lot of money because Cody’s Free House Formula is the only thing you need. (LOL). Cody says when you utilize his formula, you can own homes in as little as 30 days without spending any money. This is becoming more and more strange, but I’ll still hear him out…here’s my Free House Formula review.

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With the Free House Formula, Cody claims you make money like a real investor, but you don’t have to invest. This is legal and ethical; you don’t have to worry about the banks and credit checks. Check how stupid this thing sounds…Cody says, “you just get free houses and turn them into pure income. None of these homes are in ruins or pit salvage deals. The homes you are getting are in great condition that you can flip into cash immediately. ” (oh…come on!). Let’s move on…

So, the Free House Formula is supposed to be based on a simple principle. But, in fact, the equation is (problem+solution=profit). Cody’s mentor, Lyle, said, “Some homeowners see owning a piece of property as an issue and can’t afford to keep one.” So these people are looking to get rid of the property fast, so they will work with you immediately as long as you can get rid of it. Then, these people will give you the property for FREE or even cheap, a profit machine. Anyways, Cody says he has three (3) awesome strategies he uses to structure deals that are more appealing than you would find anywhere else.

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In the Free House training, Cody says he will give you the tools and training to find these motivated sellers. Cody will teach you a strategy where you can tell the homeowner why it’s in their best interest to give you the house for FREE. You’ll also gain access to the nation’s premier deal network. What is this? Cody says it’s a community of real estate investors who would love to do these types of deals with you. Here’s the bottom line, as Cody puts it…

“When you get these properties for FREE, you will not have a problem making money. You see, the problem many real estate investors have has nothing to do with money but they have a creative one. For example, how can they outshine the competition and get people to trust them instead of someone else.” Then Cody says his Free House Formula will give you everything you need to be creative!

Now, once you join, in 30 days, you can get your first FREE house! Then, you keep growing and getting more homes to convert into cash immediately. Then, use this money to make even bigger deals, for example, buy properties to rent out or even get into commercial properties to create that “Generational wealth.”

The main thing is to feel good about what you do, and you will be able to because you will be helping out many people. It’s a life-changing opportunity! Now Cody promises that his Free House Formula training will break down the entire process into an easy-to-follow formula so that anyone can do it. Of course, you have to pay a one-time fee of $97. Oh, this training also comes with a 90-day success guarantee (whatever this is). But here’s the thing, I’m sure you will be hit with some major upsell, and I’m not sure how beginner-friendly the modules are. Also, how much do you have to spend on marketing? How much do you have to give to Cody? This whole course seems a bit complicated!

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