Flatiron School Review – Is This School Worth The Cost?

Adam Enbar and Avi launched the following educational company Flatiron in 2012. Flatiron is a school which is located in New York City. Its main purpose is to offer data science, cyber security, and even coding courses that you can take online or at its eight locations (campuses). So, many people have been talking about Flatiron and the courses they offer. Some say what they learned allowed them to land decent jobs afterward. Anyways, I’m here to find out if these guys are a good option if you want to start a career. What are other people saying? And some of the costs for their classes? So, stay tuned for my Flatiron School review.

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Flatiron School had some roadblocks early on, so it had to take out two (2) funding rounds in 2014 and 2015. Oh, they have now been voted Best Coding Bootcamp by Career Karma. Before this hype and all the YouTube ads, these guys were even sued by the New York State Attorney General because they had a couple of violations – one for operating without having a valid license and the other for false advertising. (Already Flatiron doesn’t sound too good, right? Ok, so on Wikipedia, Flatiron was stating they had a

98.5% employment rate for the people who graduated, but the crazy thing is this number they stated included freelance workers and also apprentices. They also stated on Wiki that the average salary for someone who graduated from Flatiron was $74,447. Still, they fail to mention that this number only includes those who landed full-time positions. But they got lucky because they got a slap on the wrists and had to pay a fine of $375,000. OK, so

Can you believe later in the year 2017, WeWork ended up buying the Flatiron School? First, I encourage you to research what happened to WeWork. Then, the school was converted into something called Access Labs, whose mission was to make tech education more affordable for people who couldn’t afford to pay for school. Then, in 2018, the Flatiron School purchased a UX/UI design school called Designation, located in Chicago. After that, they opened locations in Austin, Denver, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. Then, something incredible happened, Carrick Capital Partners bought Flatiron School from WeWork In 2020.

WeWork's Flatiron School Lays Off Dozens of People


The final thing now is, I’m sure you want to know what does this thing cost? Enrollment cost into the Flatiron School is a deposit of $500, then the entire tuition of $16,900 tuition due in 1 lump sum before your first day of class. If you can’t afford the tuition, these guys have hookups with 3rd part financing companies to help you with tuition fees. So head over to Flatiron School, fill out the application, have your interview with the admissions rep, submit the sample assignment then go over it with the instructor. Finally, you will receive an acceptance decision in 4 days (business).

Here are a few things which are essential to know…

You will need to ensure you have your computer for classes; it will take around 3 ½ months for students on campus to graduate. Virtual students will take approx. 5 to 15 months. Many people consider the curriculum pretty intense because you will have to spend 60+ per week between lectures, projects, studying, and assignments. Now, finally,

Flatiron School has positive reviews online, from what I have read. For example, someone wrote, “Flatiron is a rigorous program going through all the fundamentals of  HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, GitHub, which is important if you want to be a serious coder.” Some have spoken very highly of the instructors and the support you get in the course. Another thing I heard a lot was that students are helpful, and everyone pushes you to think outside of the box. Some students did report in specific courses, instructors can be too fast-paced, but overall the reports were very positive. Now, it’s up to you if you want to enrol, but if you are really good with computers, why not start your own internet business without investing all this money into Flatiron? I’m sure everyone has their reasons for enrolling…right?

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