Fiverr Pro Review (Alex Fasulo)

One day when I was online, there was a Facebook ad that I started to watch. The girl in the ad was Alexandra Fasulo, and she had beautiful red hair, another thing that caught my eye. The ad said how Alexandra Fasulo, a farm girl, became a millionaire online. (that’s impressive!). Now, when I clicked on the link in the ad, I was moved over to a fake news-looking website (not .com), with some excellent copy on it. The copy read how a chill girl from North Carolina moved to NYC and started a job she hated. Now, she is freelancing, making enormous money; click here to continue watching our video presentation – that was pretty much what the ad said.

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Here’s the thing, the ad is a sketch with an actual fake news story crafted specially to get people to your sales pitch. I understand why this ad was created this way because Facebook is very particular in what they approve. I guess this was the only way they could get this approved. Now, the ad mentioned when I continued to watch the video, I clicked another link. I was taken to another website where the headline reads: “Alex shares her secrets on becoming a digital nomad.” (interesting). Below is another video of Alex, which is 3 minutes long. In it, she asks the following: What would you do if you last all your money tomorrow? How would you provide for your entire family? I agree these are all valid questions…

Alexandra makes a good point when she continues by saying, “the only job security which does exist today is to have a KEY skill” Why does she say this? During COVID, while people were being laid off, she accumulated $400,000 by offering people a skill that people need and which she says is NOT available (even right now)…hmm. Then she continues, “it’s a skill with some focus and hard work, you can learn too within two (2) weeks from now” She also says it’s a skill you probably never heard of or even thought of for that matter. Oh, it’s a skill that has nothing to do with Amazon, for example, ecommerce, dropshipping, private labelling, or even affiliate marketing. So, now people want to know what this skill is.

The skill is writing 500-word content or blog posts for personal clients. Alex Fasulo says, “this is the MOST untapped market right now online.” She says this is because everyone is trying to start highly competitive, complex online businesses. Still, with my business, you can write short, simple, targeted content from your laptop anywhere in the world. She adds, “you will also be making way more money than these businesses.” Ok, but the next question is, I’m sure this will work for you if you have writing skills, but what if you don’t…then what? Alex says she wasn’t a blogger either but was able to learn and make a fortune doing it. Here’s the thing,

Alex says this doesn’t only apply to writing because anything digital (online) can be applied to this concept. To get started, you sign up on Fiverr and educate yourself on marketing; the orders will come in slowly. Then, as people leave you reviews, you rank higher, which means more orders for you. But don’t get the wrong idea. Alex says, “I’m not going to mislead you and say you will make millions of dollars, but with some hard work, you can make good money and continue to build it. This will for sure give you financial freedom.”

How to make six figures on Fiverr


Alex does promise she will be able to show you how to use your laptop and travel the world. Now, regarding how much this course costs…it’s $47. Alex calls it the

Fiverr Pro! Oh, this course also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, but I must warn you, there may be some upsells along the way too!

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