Fitness CEOs Review (Tanner Chidester)

While I was watching a new YouTube ad from Tanner Chidester, he had a message for all personal trainers. The message is, “If you love helping people but don’t make money doing it, or if you are tired of paying coaches 5K-10K and they don’t deliver, then I can help you.” Tanner Chidester says he has built something special over the last few years. He has built an eight (8) figure fitness business training and teaches other fitness experts how to start and scale 6-7 figure businesses. Read my Fitness CEOs review.

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Tanner says the main reason people fail with their fitness business is they have inconsistent sales, and the leads that come through are extremely poor. Tanner goes on to say in his video, “I know exactly how you feel because a few years ago, I was starting my own online fitness business. Then, I dropped out of Texas A&M, where I had one (1) year left in my engineering program.” So, Tanner left school because he was confident that he was supposed to do something more with his life. But did you know for the first two (2) years of his business, he made no more than 2K? He says this is not because of a lack of effort; he tried hard to make his business work (cold calling, networking, online marketing, etc.). All of this while working at Olive Garden. So, after Tanner tested things out for three (3) years, the following happened as he says…

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“I went from zero to seven (7) figures…it was unbelievable.” Anyways, Tanner says he can teach you his three (3) step process for success. You have to follow in his footsteps. The first step is to focus online and scale your business online. It’s less costly and more scalable, and it can be super profitable because of your reach. Tanner says, “When in the gym, you trade time for money. If you make $100 per hour, you have to be in the gym every second to earn that money, but online you don’t; you can be anywhere…right?”

Another essential thing to understand is that when you are in the gym, you can leave without losing income. For example, if you leave on vacation or need a day off, you don’t get paid…it’s that simple! Second, to build a successful business, you have to follow a specific process to be profitable in the online fitness niche. For example, you have to know how to get leads, generate those into sales, then fullfillment, and so on. There are a lot of moving parts, and they must be working together to be successful. With that said,

Tanner says, “Our goal inside Fitness CEOs is to help you through this process step-by-step. Everything we mentioned about being successful, we want to teach you how to do. We want to show you how to run a well-oiled machine so profits keep rolling in while you travel and spend time with your family. To support his claim, Tanner has a page full of reviews and testimonials from current Fitness CEO members. But Tanner does say how much this entire thing costs, so you have to call them to find out! I have a feeling from what I have read it will be around 10K or something!

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