Fiction Profits Academy Review (Karla Marie)

Karla Marie claims she knows the easiest way to make money so you can achieve financial freedom. She believes in her method so much that she knows you haven’t heard of it before. The method she claims she will teach you has nothing to do with dropshipping, affiliate marketing, or even selling your course. Now, it’s important to note some of these methods can work, but over time (from what I have heard), they are getting harder to implement. So, now the question is: What does Karla teach you, and how can you make money? Well, here’s a clue…

You will be using Amazon, but not to sell products. Sound interesting…scroll down for my Fiction Profits Academy review.

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First, did you know that Amazon has 232 billion customers? They are a huge company, and business continues to boom each year. They are so big that you don’t even have to go out and find customers because they have found them for you. Karla has said, “I leverage what they have done to make six (6) figures, and my students are doing it too.” She has a simple three (3) step system that’s entirely digital to make money. Ok, here is the big secret of how she does it…

Karla and her mentors make millions selling something called fiction eBooks., They work collectively and share the profits! (I thought it would be better than that). Anyways, Karla adds more hype to her claim by saying that her team doesn’t even have to write these books because you can outsource the entire process. Now, after you complete the process, you can manage it by spending no more than an hour daily. For example, they talk about a student named Ray, a high-school dropout with absolutely no technical skills (or marketing skills). They claim that he followed Karla’s training step-by-step and made 2.3 million dollars in the last two (2) years, point-three million in the last two years. (I think this is BS). They also talk about a student named Jane, who is 50 years old and has five (5) kids that made 60K in a month using Karla’s method. Finally, because of Karla, Sachin quit his job after earning 14K per month using this fiction eBook method. Karla says, “The good news is that no one else is doing this, so a lot of money is still to be made. It’s a blue ocean opportunity for you.”

Fiction Profits Academy Review (Karla Marie)


Here’s the thing, you have to watch Karla’s YouTube ad and register for her free training. When you do, you’ll receive a complete overview of her training. Towards the end of her free training, Karla pitches you her course.

Fiction Profits Academy. When you look through the overview, you will notice ten (10) video modules starting with the million-dollar mindset, then niche selection, and so on. Karla also teaches you how to find freelance writers, launch your paid ads, and then scale them to turn on the profit machine. If you decide to join her training, you also get access to her  private Facebook group, where you can ask questions and get support as you make your way through the program (and set up your business)

Ok, now the question on everyone’s mind is, how much do you have to pay to join the Fiction Profits Academy cost? The Fiction Profits Academy costs $1,997 (one time). After that, you can do monthly installments of $649. But I’m a bit confused about the refund policy, and it’s complicated, so I won’t buy this training unless you really want to learn what Karla is teaching. I mean, you also have to be passionate about what you are doing and investing in…right? But before you join, here are a few things to consider:

First, publishing a book on Amazon isn’t a “secret.” I know hundreds of people who have publishing accounts with Amazon. For example, Audiobook Income Academy is a training course that teaches the EXACT same thing. These dudes are popular and have done well in the business. I heard their students are crushing it too. (Or they were, but not sure how they are doing now). Secondly, Karla’s training is expensive, and people starting may be unable to afford it. Think about it, to join the program is $1997, but then you have to pay for your outsourcing, marketing, and everything else. This will be difficult for a newbie, especially if you have no income coming in. Third after you pay the fee and publish your eBook, you have to ask yourself: Will you make money? Will you get a return on your investment (ROI)? I don’t know, there are too many red flags, and you may not even make money after investing thousands into every book. I would try something else like my favourite program, which you can learn about…click the orange button.

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