Jason Wardrop’s Real Estate SaaS Secrets

Jason Wardrop has made a ton of money with his SaaS (software as a service) agency. The estimates are as high as 7 figures which are unreal…right? Jason first started helping companies with marketing, for example, lead generation, and introduced this SaaS software to automate everything making it more efficient for himself. What’s impressive is that in less than six (6) years, Jason was able to retain 15,000+ paying clients. Jason sold the business for an undisclosed amount last year and is sharing his secrets…let’s find out more…stay tuned!

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Jason says, “My business model was simple, but I had to ensure it was tested and worked before I could start getting clients on demand.” He continues, “The winning combination that worked was three different websites with three different angles, all promoting his core SaaS product/service.” You see, Jason says the whole point was to increase recurring income every single month…isn’t that the holy grail? You want peace of mind knowing that you have income that will be coming in every single month regardless of if you are working or not. Then, when you go to sell the business you have created, you will get 3.5x the price you spent to create it. We are talking millions of dollars sometimes. Jason then provides an example…

“If you work hard and grow your SaaS company so it’s generating two (2) million annually and it has one (1) million in operating expenses, you will take home one (1) million…right? When it comes time to sell this business, you can sell it for 3.5x the profit, which would be $3.5 million…(WOW).” Jason says this is what you can expect to get acquired for, which is impressive…right? Jason says, “With the profit, don’t blow it on stupid expenses and be smart. This means putting $1 million into Bitcoin and Ethereum, and you can even throw some into Solana and Terra. Oh, ensure you hold it for five (5) to make money from these.”

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With this kind of money, you will never have to work again, which should be your life goal. And with the right moves, you can also set your kids up for life. However, before we get ahead of things here, you have first to build your SaaS agency…right? Alright, so let’s talk about Jason’s three (3) powerful websites…

First, he had one, which is a typical branded one, and it was about the company, and it was asking people to signup for SaaS. Then, however, these guys learned that only 1-2% of clients came from that site. So the next step was to enhance it and create another high-ticket website where all the traffic was being funnelled. Jason’s reason was the following:

“Selling just your software for $99 is NOT going to make you money because you have to sell a lot, and MOST of the money will go to your developer. So, we bundled six (6) months of our SaaS software subscription and included some training for your Facebook ads and support. In the end, we increased the price of our product and noticed something special happen…people were buying it, and the cash flowed in.”

Jason then tried something different: to lower the subscription from 6 to 3 months so they could get the subscription fee much quicker. They tested this, and the conversions remained the same, so they decided to keep it…this was the sweet spot. However, Jason realized that 98% of the traffic wasn’t buying, so he wanted to figure out how to get more people to buy…so he created a third (3) website. This website was a 30-day challenge. They changed people $199.00 and said they have 30 days to access the software. Jason and his team helped set it up and secured some quick wins. After, the sales just snowballed, which was a fantastic feeling.

Jason says, “The challenge funnel was able to convert 3%-5% of the cold traffic into recurring monthly subscribers…. this was a total game changer.” What Jason created was insane, and the third website was essential to their success. Anyways, it is one product, and they killed it, so I give these guys credit, but what are the chances of someone else having the same success? I’m not sure, but I wonder if any viable SaaS ideas are left. Find out by clicking the Orange button…

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