Elite Source Code Review (Tyler J. Watson)

It is said that people spend $10 billion dollars on self-help books. Tyler J. Watson says this money is spent on personal development, productivity books, etc. He also says that despite all this money spent, most people don’t get any results. “I know why people are getting no results…it’s because they ignore their entire body. They are only focusing on their mind, which is not bad, but to see results, you have to pay attention to everything.“ says Tyler.  Anyways, his reasoning for what he says is the things that keep us stuck in a place are our past pains, etc. Ok, let’s hear him out…

Suppose you are trying to gain financial freedom, lose weight, and reduce anxiety. You’ve had a hard time making the process. In that case, Tyler says it’s because of the past pain you have encountered in your life. These painful thoughts and anxiety from your past are stopping you from moving on and making progress. (This does make sense…no?) But even if this was the case, I’m not sure Tyler has the answer we seek. He sure believes he can help you because he knows the secret to reprogramming your body to eliminate the so-called fight or flight responses. Tyler says, “I can help you achieve your goals in days, not years. I know I’m your man.”  Here comes the sales pitch,


Tyler starts to promote his Elite Source Code No Limits Accelerator. The program is all virtual and aimed at giving you a “breakthrough” quickly so you can have lasting change. Here are some of the things he claims his program will teach you:

a) You will learn how to tap into unstoppable energy. 
b) Unlock the same skills and strategies used by 7-figure visionaries.
c) How to be fully aware and present in your personal and professional life
d) Tyler will give you the top 1% elite performer’s tactics
e) Help you define your next level and how to accomplish it. 
f) You will learn how to design an approach that helps you avoid burnout

Everything mentioned above will be yours for a fantastic price of just $47 dollars. However, I know how Tyler thinks; he wants to make more through upsells, so once you join, you’re ready for upsells. If you have your own business, are an entrepreneur, or even an influencer but haven’t reached your fullest potential, Tyler wants you to gain access to his training. Then he reiterates what he’s offering will be life-changing, and it will only take three (3) no more…no limits. “It’s all about getting your body aligned with your goals. If you find it hard to stick to plans and goals…don’t worry; I have a plan to give you a new identity.”  What is this new identity all about? It’s one where you don’t have to deal with the same old income, grind, and still get to do all the hobbies you love. You can balance your relationships with your friends, family, and everyone you care about. OK, tell me more about what you will learn in these three days. Well,

Tyler will be sharing the same secrets he does with his mastermind members. He claims otherwise; the knowledge you get from Tyler would have taken 20 years to acquire through trial and error. However, one central question is, does this work if done virtually? I mean, one thing I can say is whenever I’ve done online learning, I’ve constantly gotten distracted by Facebook, YouTube, or whatever else pops into my head at the time. Tyler promises this is nothing to be worried about because, through the virtual training, you will be up and moving, staying busy. With that said,

Tyler says it’s about transformation, not information. “I have a proven system that will transform your body by forcing it to change. It’s going to be an incredible experience. The best three (3) days of your life!.” I think Tyler needs to go to spring break, and he’ll change his mind about the best three days ever…lol

Nevertheless, if you sit through all three days and don’t find value, he’ll return your money. But if you tune in with power and purpose and a genuine intention to upgrade your life, he nervous-laughs there is no way you’ll ask for a refund. Don’t expect to see my pretty face in attendance. I think Tyler’s a manure salesman with a mouthful of samples.