EF Ultimate Break Review

EF Ultimate Break asks the following question: What is the best way to travel? Well, they say it’s through them! They are in the business of catering to 18 to 29-year-olds who want to explore the world. EF Ultimate Break actually does offer you packages reaching every corner of the world. (wow). Now, we all know when it comes to travelling; it can be expensive, so many people want to know if this company is legit. Where can you travel to? What are the costs? I guess the main thing I want to do here is tell you what other members are doing! So, stick around for my EF Ultimate Break review.

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So, the bottom line is this “travelling should be fun, and that’s what our mission is here. There should be no stress, and we have created a service which does all the planning, flights, food, excursions, etc. “ says the team at  EF Ultimate Break. You just have to show up and follow your itinerary. EF Ultimate Break offers these trips for yourself or a bunch of friends, and the cool thing is the trips will be taken with other EF Ultimate Break peeps. Some destinations on our list include India, Australia, Spain, Hawaii, Portugal, and others. These guys cover over 65 destinations. (crazy…right!

Now, let’s discuss pricing because this is an essential topic for sure. If you book with a 100-day advance notice, you just need to deposit a $150 deposit. But, if your booking is in a range of 60 to 100, then you will have to put down a deposit of $750. However, if your trip is within 60 days from now, you have to put down the entire fee, and with any remaining balance, you can make bi-weekly or monthly payments. No interest will be charged, but you must finish paying your entire trip 30 days before taking off. Now, another question which pops up is: what are some perks of going through EF Ultimate Break? You get affordable flights, a lovely boutique hostel or a hotel in a great location. Oh, you get your personal tour director showing you the hot spots. The transportation is covered, and you get a welcome dinner, complimentary daily breakfast, and a fantastic farewell dinner. Most importantly, you get around-the-clock support and a company with years of experience Around-the-clock support. Backed by more than 50 years of experience.

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So, another thing I want to let you guys know is that the EF Ultimate Break travel company has some excellent positive reviews. Now, I know many of you are wondering if this company is legit, so I first told you that no one could leave reviews until they return from a trip. So, here’s a review which a traveller left…

“The trip was stunning, and we had an amazing tour guide named Perla. She was supportive and knew a lot about the region, which is important if this is your first time travelling to Iceland! The excursions were organized, and everything one smoothly. I want to advise everyone about Iceland if you travel during the winter. I would recommend you buy crampons. Iceland does have snow during the winter, and the crampons help with walking on the snow when you are taking hikes. This was my first trip with EF, and I would recommend them to anyone planning a trip. I will use them again.”

I decided to check out some more reviews. The only thing I could find was people complaining about cancelled trips because of COVID-19. But, the way I look at it is you can’t complain about the pandemic and what happens to your travel plans during this time. Also, some people didn’t get full refunds which I believe they should have. I’m unsure how much some of them lost, but it doesn’t matter because they should have been reimbursed fully.

Now, if you choose to travel with EF Ultimate Break, it comes down to how much you love travelling and doing it in groups. I’m an introvert, so not sure if I would trip with these guys, but I’m sure many of you would.

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