Ecom Warrior Academy Review (Matthew Lepre)

Imagine doing over $100,000 worth of sales in eCommerce. Well, a guy named Matthew Lepre, who is the founder of Ecom Warrior Academy, has done just this amount in the last seven (7) days, which is an insane amount. To ensure I saw this number correctly, I watched his YouTube once more, and he reiterated his claim of doing this amount. Not only that, but Matthew has been featured on Forbes, CNN, and other massive publications. Finally, he says he has a verified Instagram account with nearly 300,000 subscribers. However, I’m on a mission to find out if you can trust Matthew and if you want to know what I found out, read on. But first, read the following…

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Matthew’s journey started in his mother’s basement, where he was broke and looking for a way to make money and survive. He discovered Shopify and started a store generating $1,000 per week in sales. However, because of this success, he was distracted and started doing other businesses, leading him to flop and lose money. For example, he lost money in crypto and even tried to start a failed done-for-you marketing agency. One day he was watching an interview with Warren Buffet and Bill Gates where they talked about the importance of focus…this was a lightbulb moment for him. Matthew started to focus on just eCom, where he was successful before, and he was able to generate millions and, at this point, is travelling the world.

Matthew claims he has been so successful that he has made it his mission to help as many people as possible create a second stream of income through his eCommerce training. Matthew helps students using his 3-step (so-called) recession-proof process. He claims the process is simple because you need to find a product, build a website for the product and drive traffic to the website through Facebook ads. Ultimately, it’s all about automation by having the RIGHT process in place, which continues to generate enormous income. Now, here’s the thing, Matthew will be more than happy to mentor you through the entire process, but you have to apply for his program…Ecom Warrior Academy. Right now, I see there is NO mention of the cost, but Matthew claims it’s to prequalify you by asking you a few questions about how much money you have set aside. Personally, from my experience, when this happens, the cost tends to be up there, like $5000+. However, if this is a legit program, you can make this money back in no time. Here’s the thing…

Matthew Lepre KTLA - Travel the World and Get Paid - YouTube


Matthew and his training course have appeared out of the blue. And this guy who popped out of nowhere is claiming to make an insane amount of money which he proves by pointing to some high-name publications. But I have worked with people who claim you can buy spots for the right amount of $. Also, the publications make him seem like a master marketer, a guru, which I find hard to believe. Don’t get me wrong, he can be, but I’m just thinking out loud here.

Now, I’ve been reviewing programs for a long time. Marketers who can produce significant results usually have proof like a glace into their Paypal or even some case studies from students showing their success. But Matthew doesn’t produce any of this, which is quite strange. I’ve checked everywhere, like his social media, watched through his videos a few times, and even checked his website…but nothing. Anyways,

I need more proof than him posing in front of a G Wagon on his Instagram. Throughout the years, I have encountered numerous training courses that teach dropshipping, so what makes Matthew different? Do a quick search on YouTube, and you’ll know what I mean about other people teaching dropshipping (for FREE). So, how is his process any different? The only way to find out would be to invest in his mentoring program, which I’m NOT willing to do right now.

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