Ecom Family Academy Review – Is This For Real?

It is known there are so many unique ways to make money online, primarily through ecommerce. When you do your research, you will learn how some recommend dropshipping while others will put their effort into fulfillment services like Amazon. You see, people will always buy your products if there is a demand. Also, you have to make sure you are passionate about whatever you are involved in (like the niche). With this combination, you will definitely find some success with what you are doing. Now, if you don’t know enough about how to start an ecommerce business, you are fortunate…why? Because there are several training courses and programs available to help you out! For example, a popular training known as the Ecom Family Academy is just one! Scroll through to read my review of this program.

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Did you know the people who run the Ecom Family are an actual “family,” and just to be clear, their last names are not “ecom”? Let’s learn a little bit about these guys. First, the Ecom Family brand was founded by Reginald and Tania Jennings (they are better known as Mr. & Mrs. Ecom). They are so involved in what they are doing that they have their entire family involved, which I give them some mad props for. You see, branding a business is so important and a big deal because once you have a brand large enough, you have the trust that comes with it.

Now, here’s what I have noticed. Compared to some of the other ecom gurus out there, Reginald and Tania don’t have much of an online presence except on social media like Facebook and Instagram. I guess they are using those platforms because Reginald and Tania are old-timers with family and friends who follow them on social media. So I say the following, if these two platforms are where both of them are MOST comfortable, then I am happy for them. (that’s the bottom line). Ok so…

It is said that if you have somewhat of a social media following, this would be the best recipe for promoting your training or course. This is especially true if you have a particular skill or expertise. For example, with Reginald and Tania, it is the Ecom Family Academy. The Ecom Family is an expert in dropshipping, so this is what they have been promoting and doing very well. However, I have noticed that most ecommerce training programs…. typically start with a scheduled live webinar. For example, if you read some of the other ecom training reviews I have written, you will notice that they want you to sign up and then give you access to a portal that hosts the video lessons for the program. The idea behind this setup is you can watch training videos on your own time and at your own pace, and you have to make a payment for these training programs pretty much upfront.

What I like about the Ecom Family Academy is that you have to register for a slot, and you will get an email when the webinar is about to start. After you have completed watching the webinar, I assume you will be hit with a pitch for the training and mentorship they offer. During this time, you will actually have to pay for the training (if you want). Now, while I’m writing this Ecom Family review, the next webinar has been completed, and you have to opt-in to find out when the next one is…lol With that said,


I have read some of the testimonials and reviews from some students who have been involved. The reviews are pretty nifty, with most of them saying they have found some great success. Remember, these videos were recorded when they did well, so I’m unsure how they are now. Also, these students don’t mention the type of business they are running, so it’s hard to confirm how legit the reviews are. Anyways,

Reginald counters this because he does post some reviews on his socials from time to time. And to add continued credibility, he posts videos showing you how to conduct product research in local stores.

The good about the Ecom Family Academy is that they believe in their training and will do small meet-ups once in a while with the people who have joined the program. But remember, you have to live in the United States to be part of these small meetups. However, I did some more research and learned from the testimonials you can schedule one-on-one mentoring with Reginald and his team. During these one-on-ones, he will provide valuable feedback on what you are selling and tweaks you can make to your store to scale it even more.

You know what, after thinking about it, the Ecom Family Academy provides some good value. For example, you can quickly get the advice you need, but the advice is only good if you continue to put that solid effort in. Without hard work, your business will have a hard time succeeding, so only get involved with the Ecom Family if you are ready to remain focused and take your business to the next level.

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