Ecom Empires Review (Nick Peroni’s 1 Product Profits)

There is something about creating simple 1-product stores that have made people a lot of money. These are the stores where you find a product, send traffic to the store, and have an intelligent funnel to convert this traffic into customers. Nick Peroni says he’s the master at doing this and will show you how to make these stores so you can generate thousands of dollars daily. And this is WITHOUT having any expensive overhead costs. He also says this can be done in just a few weeks. Now, I want to know what his program is all about and if we can trust what he tells people, so here is my Ecom Empires review. But first, here is another gear piece of content describing everything you…

Oughta Know About This Business

So, I watched Nick’s ad and even entered my email to watch the rest of his presentation. In the video, Nick builds a new store (Shopify) and takes it to $4700 daily. Can you believe this? This process is all after one (1) week. Also, he does this utilizing 1 product and what I like about the program is that Nick’s training is simple, current, and so far proven. Now, this is not always the case with competitors, so I appreciate it after watching his video. Nick has a unique story because he started his career serving in the army, picking up online experience along the way. Not even that, but he is happy to say that he mentors 93000 in his Ecom Empires Facebook group.

Nick says, “I have been responsible for more dropshipping success than anyone I know, and trust me, I know many people in this niche.”. Nick also spends a lot of time talking about where he came from and how he had such a tough childhood. He claims he is a success story because he started from the bottom and makes a lot of money doing what he does. One thing I love about Nick’s promotional video is that he details his program. For example, he builds a demo website (store) for a hair curler. Why does he do 1 product website? He says you can build trust by creating a one-product micro-brand, justify a higher price, dial in your advertising, and optimize conversions.” I have one concern: this is a big issue for many people…it’s…

How do you find the right “HOT” product to build a store? Nick says you never know, but your objective is to choose something and out-market your competition. The more people who see your product, the higher purchases and conversions. Next, how do you drive traffic to your online store so you can convert people into customers? Nick has mastered using Facebook Ads, starting with a $5.00 budget to determine if his product will be a winner. Then duplicate the campaign and increase your budget…it’s that simple! After he lays out the fundamentals, Nick uses the rest of the promotional video to sell his course.



In short, Nick sells his course by doing a live case study online. The cost is $997.00, and he even offers a 30-day action-based guarantee. In addition, you are eligible for a refund if you have gone through all the modules and completed the training. But, you have to put your total effort into the training. I like what Nick is offering, and I have seen Shopify stores do very well with other people. Nick has a solid game plan, so I give him a thumbs up for being a nice guy trying to help.

However, one thing you want to keep in is that since the pandemic dropshipping may have taken a hit, especially in places like China. So think about the shipping time involved and what happens if people don’t get their product on time. What is your refund policy, and what happens if Facebook shuts down your account, which you know they have the power to do anytime they want? These are all things I hear from people who have dabbled in Shopify dropshipping. Anyways, think about it and let me know your thoughts.