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In his latest Instagram post, ECom Dave says that Amazon FBA is still a viable business in 2023. Why does he say this? Because a lot of people still use Amazon for online shopping. Secondly, Amazon offers many excellent tools to help you manage products and deliveries. Third, you don’t have to worry about outside marketing when using Amazon because they already have all the traffic you need. And finally, you can quickly scale your business. So, is Dave telling you the truth? Read through my review to find out…

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The Instagram post I mentioned earlier wants you to comment, writing “Amazon.” When you do, Ecom Dave will DM you a link to his FREE training. Dave loves communicating through Instagram because he’s continuously checking his social media accounts. Anyways, I went over to his YouTube channel, and they even linked out to his social media account instead of sending you directly to his FREE training. This is a weird process because I don’t like this “PM sent” culture. You see, you are not my friend to send DM’s into my inbox, so I would rather you send me to a website, and I can choose to opt into your training. I don’t want a personal relationship with Ecom Dave through my social media account.

Ok, now let’s look at a few reasons why Ecom Dave says Amazon FBA is a fantastic business to get involved with within 2023. First, Ecom Dave is right when he says many people still shop through Amazon. Recent data shows Amazon controls 49% of the US ecommerce market. To help you understand this point, 49% is much higher than three (3) of Amazon’s competitors, like eBay, Apple, and Walmart. That’s amazing…right? Ok, so the question is: Because Amazon FBA is so popular…does this mean it should be something you should get involved in? I don’t think so! You see, the high number of people using Amazon means that you will also run into a lot of competition. With so much competition, you will have difficulty getting people to find your store and making sales…right? Also, if you are starting, you will be at the bottom and have to work 3 x as hard to build momentum for your store. Ok now, here’s something else,

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Even though Amazon does handle the shipping, you still have a lot of costs too. Think about it, you will not only be buying inventory, but you will have to pay Amazon to store the products for you. And whenever they ship out an item for you, there will be packaging costs, and a tiny percentage will be sent to Amazon to help you. These are known as Amazon FBA seller fees. Ultimately, your profit slows with these costs adding up along the way. Let’s move on to number 3,

This is misleading because they tell you that Amazon’s in-house marketing and PPC campaign structure is all you need to sell products successfully. But, to do well, you must have a clear understanding of paid ads and know how to use outside marketing to generate sales. You see, the success you have with Amazon will depend on how many people see your listing…it’s that simple! In other words, relying on just Amazon’s in-house marketing will NOT give you the WIN. You must learn and utilize marketing as much as possible when doing FBA.

Ok, Ecom Dave’s fourth statement has confused me. How? Ecom Dave says to be successful on Amazon, you have to scale your business, but he says to do it without investing any financial resources. My question is: How is this even possible? I can tell from experience you will have to pump more money into Amazon FBA to scale it.

Ok, my final thoughts are: This business can be lucrative, but right now is NOT the time to get involved. Because I say it’s no longer a viable business you can profit from, buying courses from Ecom Dave doesn’t make sense either, right? Especially when his course would cost upwards of 1K-2K! Next, Ecom Dav has stopped doing Amazon FBA anyway, so why would you want him as a If it was so lucrative, why did he stop doing it…I must know something (like there is no money in ecommerce through Amazon). With that said,

I want you to click the orange button because I have training which will blow your mind, and it doesn’t cost nearly as much as eCom Dave is charging. The training video you will watch is about a business model trending.

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